Ami doing somthing wrong for the "enter" kanji

im typing in using my japanese keyboard is this causing a problem


You’re typing にゆう (niyuu) instead of the correct にゅう (nyuu).


ahh ok so i have to cut it off when typing it i knew to pronounce it differently diddnt know it would make a difference if i typed that way

? :thinking: You have to write it properly, in this case にゅう instead of にゆう. I don’t understand what you mean by cutting it off. I’d say it’s the opposite of cutting it off.

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I assume they mean cutting off the ‘i’ when typing

It might help if you think of にゅ as a single syllable, nyu, because it’s important to distinguish it from にゆ in both pronunciation and spelling. There are a bunch of sounds where this is important, so you’ll get used to it.

The FAQ has a guide to typing in Japanese, because there are a few characters to keep an eye out for.

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On a Japanese 10-key touch keyboard, I think you do have to enter the full-size ゆ first, and then hit a separate 小 key to convert it (cut it down?) to the small ゅ. If the OP is using a Japanese keyboard, maybe that’s what they’re referring to?

it wouldn’t be a crazy idea if wanikani or a scripter implemented an option to show the hiragana as the english letters you have to type in order to get the hiragana you need… in fact i bet the script is already out there somewhere.

It doesn’t hurt (it’s extremely important) to learn the hiragana chart, tho. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’d say before starting to learn kanji, but even during is fine.


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