Automatically hide and toggle the furigana on NHK News Web Easy

Hi everyone,

I’ve got to the point where I want to incorporate more reading into my kanji practice, but the furigana on the NHK News Web Easy made it too tempting for my lazy brain to cheat. That said, I decided to write a simple user script that:

  • Automatically hides the furigana on page load
  • Can be toggled back on/off pressing the ~ (tilde) key or a combination of the Shift + F keys

I realise this script is far from original, but it was a fun exercise and might be useful to some of you.

The script can be found at:

Please let me know if you run into any problems.


Ahh thank you! As “unoriginal” as this might be, every other script and extension I’ve found has stopped working with the new update NHK released, so this is fantastic! <3

How is this different from pushing the “漢字の読み方を消す” button apart from hiding the furigana from the start?
Unfortunately I have a nonUS keyboard, so I don’t have a tilde button. Tilde is alt+1 for me, but it doesn’t work either.

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I’ll look into adding a different / additional buttons to toggle the furigana tomorrow. Any suggestions on a key that’s rarely used that would work well for you?

Thanks! I have a Hungarian keyboard so the only non-numeric or alphabetical characters are ,.-

I’m pretty sure the problem is you didn’t update the adress of the website in the user script.

I figured that’s what it was, but nothing I fiddled with seemed to help. I’m not a programmer though, so that may or may not be related to my issue :wink:

Great idea for desktop!

For mobile, you can use TangoRisto, since it has that capability built-in.

I’ve added an optional keyboard code combination to toggle the furigana: “Shift + F”. Please let me know if this works for you :slight_smile:

Does the script hide all the furigana or just for the kanji that’s covered by your Wanikani level?

At the moment it hides all furigana, but I’ve actually been thinking of tapping into the wanikani API so it only hides what you already know. It will be trickier to implement though, so I can’t give you a timeframe for that unfortunately.

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Thank you! It works. :slight_smile: