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The iOS one allows you to enable various user scripts, but it’s completely optional. Also, no “x” mark, as far as I remember.

I’m curious about an app automatically enabling the option to correct your answers, it doesn’t sound right.

The Android app I linked also has the scripts as an option, not default. There are a few scripts you can enable and I don’t believe any are enabled by default.

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Hi! One of my bucket list items is to go to Japan, which I would like to do in the next decade. As I’m an avid manga reader/anime watcher, I’m starting to learn Japanese! I originally began with Duolingo, but despite it’s best efforts, it’s just not a good course yet.

I found Tofugu’s hirigana page and found it the best resource so far in learning hirigana. I found WaniKani on that page and made an account, did a few radicals just so I could see what this place was about.

I know the reviews for these first five radicals will populate soon, but I want to finish my hirigana studies first. How long do reviews stay in your queue? Should I do these concurrently with hirigana or put this work on hold until I’m done?


Definitely need to know hiragana at least first, but katakana as well. You can do the reviews and just leave the new lessons sitting once they’re unlocked, until you’re ready to get back into learning the kanji.

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I’ve got the other, older app for Android. It’s ignore/overuse function is also an X.

So it could be either. Or maybe even an iOS one if there’s more than one over there. Is development still dead on that older Android app?

I’m in total agreement with @borx.
Hiragana first, then Katakana, then come back to WaniKani. Your reviews won’t time out they’ll be here waiting for you.

Also, if you can get a free trial for 14 days or a month of iKnow, their katakana (and therefore probably also their hiragana) course was excellent. Already familiar with hiragana I learned katakana with that course and their phone app in 4 days.

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Totally dead. When I first downloaded it it was after the developer announced it was no longer supported. Last time (within a month or two ago) that I looked for it on Google Play to link it here, it no longer existed there.

Anyone who wants it I’d need to email an apk - although Gmail doesn’t allow the sending of executable files anymore! (I’ve received apks in the past.)

Is there even a good reason to use it over the newer one? The newer one used to have horrible crashing issues, but they were fixed a long while ago. It has a much nicer and visually appealing design as well.

It has the reorder script in it. That’s the only time I use it.

Edit: I shared this awhile back. It’s somewhere floating around the forums. @Borx

Dropbox - WK Mobile.apk - Simplify your life

That would do it. Maybe the reorder script can be incorporated into the new one. I’m pretty sure it’s open sourced on github.

Personally I like the look of the older one better. (I hate pink).

Thank you and @Borx! I’ll be returning after I learn hirigana (and I’m taking my sweet time because I am classic for overloading myself) and I’ll try that app for katakana!

While this question may be out of the WaniKani scope, I was curious what others did when learning Japanese. After you’re comfortable with hirigana and katakana, is kanji the next step for vocabulary? What resources do folks use for grammar?


@viridianflare You might want to look at the Ultimate Additional Japanese Resources List

Also, FYI, it’s hiragana, not hirigana.

It should only take a week or so to learn the kana. When I started learning, I learned the kana then moved on to finding a way to learn kanji. Which eventually landed me here on WaniKani.

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Hello, Thank you for all the help.

Thank you! I’m getting through hiragana pretty quickly and it’s starting to stick. I was watching Attack on Titan yesterday and started to recognize the hiragana in some of the titles/images.

So for Japanese, I have two major goals:

  1. Be able to read manga in Japanese.
  2. Understand anime without subtitles.

Both of these, I realize, will take years, but for listening, is continuing to watch anime and listening to words the way to go?

You probably want some exposure to real Japanese as well. I always advocate the podcasts Bilingual News, そこあに, and ひいきびいき. Sokoani is about anime, so you might be interested in that one at least


Aside from what @Kumirei said, though, trying to listen to words in anime is a good idea too. You will, over time, begin to recognize common words and it can be helpful to already have exposure to some words while learning on WaniKani.

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Hi I have a question about readings. Are on’yomi or the kanji readings the same pronounciations that Japanese people use for that word on a daily basis? Will memorizing these pronounciations help me on a conversational level? Also, what exactly is an on’yomi and how is it different from just the pronounciation of a word? Thanks.