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You can do that with the reorder script.

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much love for this speedy reply <3

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You’re welcome! ^^

BunPro’s standard lesson order goes by JLPT level, so it’s mostly based on how far I’ve progressed through that.

I actually do not because I always find an excuse to avoid speaking to people I’m too busy. :eyes: That sounds like a pretty good excuse. I’ll go with that.

While I really wish it wasn’t the case, passive recognition and active recall are pretty different things. I cannot easily produce what I can read without difficulty.

KameSame and KaniWani (both free, user-created additions) are “reverse WK.” So you get an English prompt and you must answer with the Japanese equivalent.

The vocab SRS app Torii (PC and Android) also gives you the option of learning items both ways, to practice recognition and recall. Since it was created by a WK member, it also has a WK mode, which goes over the core 10K (10K most frequently used Japanese words) while excluding WK items, so you’re not doubling up.

For more direct application of the language to train your production, you can check out something like LangCorrect. It’s a pretty new website meant for people writing small entries in the language they are studying, to then be corrected by natives of that language.

There is also italki - a site where you can look for native Japanese tutors or teachers. I hear it can be quite affordable. ^^

And I’m sure there are some resources I’m forgetting right now. You can always glance around this thread:

The power of the crabigator! :crabigator: Great to hear!

I hope things keep going well for you, and best of luck! 頑張ろう!:muscle:

Hello, I’m lv3 and I have questions.
I’ve already learnt the meaning of the 2200 jouyou kanji in 3 months with the quite popular anki method presented on a “mean fish” japanese blog, but I’ve lost a lot of it and I never learnt the readings in the first place. This is why I’m considering getting lifetime WaniKani, the tool is excellent and will force me to learn readings in a funny way, and I know that kanji SRS is the best way for me to achieve kanji knowledge.


Since lifetime, even with x-mas discount, is quite pricey (roughly 22 months worth of content that I’ve read is achieveable in one year average), I’m wondering what else is in the box for people buying lifetime. As far as I can see there is no official app and no other goodies that I’ve been told about. Tofugu promises “and all future content and features of wanikani”, but what’s in the pipe ?

Sometimes they add new kanji and vocab. They might add more levels in the future, it’s been done before. If/when an app is released, you’ll get it. AFAIK they wanted to release a iOS app soon, but I’m not sure what stage that project is in. Basically lifetime gives you everything you already have, but forever ¯\(ツ)

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Not sure if I overlooked the answer to this somewhere, but is there a way to do more than 10 lessons at a time on the site? I see that it seems to go up to 100 on the Flaming Durtles app, so I’m not sure if that’s just a part of the app or if it’s from an existing userscript.

Lesson batch size setting at: WaniKani — Log in

This is the official setting. It does indeed seem to not go further than 10. Think I’ll stick to the Flaming Durtles app myself.

Nothing’s stopping you from doing multiple batches though. My size is still at 5, and i do 5 batches for 25 lessons every day.

If I had to do lessons on my PC I’d indeed do about 2 batches of 10.

This script allows you to set larger batch sizes, among other things. :slight_smile:


Yeah, I saw that and have it set to the max.

If @jneapan is like me, maybe they want to do one big batch of X lessons instead of in smaller batches :man_shrugging:

Thanks! I’ll check this one out when I have lessons again.

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Hey, I’ve been wondering, how many lessons/day do you guys think is enough? I’ve been doing around 15-20 lessons a day (and can remember them decently), but I’m not sure what others do. What do you guys think?


Someone else may answer this, but there are lots of posts already on this subject.

Here is one :grinning:

Early on I did 20 lessons on average. I slowed down to 5 once I started burning things, encountering mostly unfamiliar kanji and vocab, and getting swamped, and decided I did not want to be a slave to the SRS. I might raise it back to 10 once my past speed-sins are all burnt and my daily review count falls below 30.

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Quick question… I’m currently working my way through level 7 on WK but I just noticed that when I post here it shows a 6 by my name instead of 7. Does it just show the last completed level rather than the current level?


If you log out of the community and log back in, it should update. :slightly_smiling_face:


Ah ha! Thank you! That did the trick. :slight_smile:

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When I’m doing reviews, what does the number that counts down represent? I thought it was the number of items to review, but it doesn’t always decrease when I get something correct. Whenever I begin a review, it usually takes 3-5 correct items before that number starts decreasing. After it starts ticking down, sometimes it will go down after 1 correct item but sometimes it will stay at the same value while I’m getting some items correct.

Kanji and Vocabulary items require a correct answer for their meaning and their reading before they are “complete.” So you can’t finish one of those cards in one answer.

Oh okay, this makes sense, thanks!