How many lessons do you do per day, approximately? (P O L L)

Seen this question asked in several ways across several topics, but I think a lovely PPPOOOLLLLLL would make the data more coherent. Interested in what everyone’s pace is.

  • 5
  • 10
  • 15
  • 20
  • 25
  • 30
  • 35
  • Over 40

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I do more lessons a day now that I’m on the fast levels, but I did 24 for most levels. 4 batches of 6, so I just chose 25.

9, but I guess that’s pretty close to 10, so I voted for that

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I remember that my average was 21 or 23 on my wkstats.

Outside of WK, I did 50+/day for some months, now reduced to 20-30 if I procrastinate on the Core 10k almost done with it and got lazy now whyyyy

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option for no set amount, I just do how many I feel like on the day, is missing :grin:


:ballot_box_with_check: All of them


Most of the time I do the lessons as they pop up. When I level up, I usually go through all the radicals and kanji in one go and then do the vocabulary one or two days later.

My pace is pretty crappy though, because I always have difficulty remembering the reading of kanji as I go through fresh reviews. To う or not to う… also having several kanji per level that have exactly the same reading isn’t helping either.

So during the first half of a level I barely make SRS progress because I just stumble through the kanji, and during the latter half I’m starving because I’m not getting new lessons anymore…

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Where is the “I can’t do any lessons, because i already done them when i leveled up” option

I miss the 0 option XD But my daily lessons always vary between 0 - 10


You have already done the new level’s lessons when you level up? Impressive!

Was about to ask the same, what a god. I’d like to know his secrets.

Well considering how basic all the stuff below level 20 is for me, yeah :smiley:

I would do more but I’m only level 2 and they don’t seem to come that often. I assume the lesson frequency only increases though once I get to higher levels.

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I used to do around 15 to 20 a day if possible. But I’ve got summer vacation with the kid now, so I have to reduce it or I’ll get overwhelmed.
I’ll stick to 5 a day for a while.
And probably afterwards too, because I need more time to study grammar next to wanikani and I only have so many hours available to me.

I would do the lessons every Tuesday morning (first half of the level) and Friday afternoon (second half of the level). I learn about an average of 70 items per lesson.

I was doing 8 lessons per day, but recently I decided to do more on some random days. My average is then 10. I also do 1 lesson on Bunpro each day.

How do you do single lessons on BP? I see them in threes.

You go to Grammar->Lessons->you choose a grammar point->at the bottom of the meaning tab, there is “Add to Reviews”

My reviews were getting pretty bad so I have slowed to 5 per day and have about 55 sitting in the queue right now. I’m not in any rush so getting to know them a little at time is working much better for me now.

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It really depends. If it’s kanji - around 10.
If it’s vocab: at least 20, at most 40. And when the lesson queue is at 0 - I do 0 lessons :wink:

Note, I don’t use any reorder scripts, so it goes ordered by level.

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