New People Questions! ~~~<3 [Lost?! Confused?! We're here to help!]

@Omun @jprspereira @truandissimo You people are amazing, thanks for your replies and advice :slight_smile:
Final question (for now): You mentioned getting in some extra vocab and grammar study, there are an over whelming number of ways people have said to do this, can you recommend anything to get this going that i can stick to? (This last 9 months have been this horrible mess of ‘self-teaching’ Japanese through random apps and websites, I just need something with some structure i can stick to in my limited time)


Check this SRS platform built by the WK level 60 user @neicul:

Its way of working is very similar to Wanikani, but more user-friendly than the mainstream options. Since it’s user-base is pretty much Japanese learners, the platform itself is very much focused on Japanese learning, so it will suit well with your needs :slight_smile: You can search for decks published by the community there on the community centre and see what they have to offer you :slight_smile:

Since you’re starting, it might be interesting to start with the Katakana vocab deck (4500 words). They’re loan words, mainly from English. A lot of people avoid learning these words because they’re mostly easy to read/listen, but when it comes to having them in your active vocab and actually being able to recall words, people try to guess a kanji word for so many situations where natives would clearly go for katakana vocab instead. This simply because katakan words are just in their passive vocabulary. Learning them will help you gain some active vocab really quick and it can reinforce your katakana reading which is something a lot of people struggle with :slight_smile:

In terms of grammar, I always recommend for starters to start with Japanese Ammo with Misa. Not only does she make things simply enough for those learning, but she is aware of a learner’s struggles and makes sure to cover any question that you might have. Mind you that it’s a beginner’s resource :slight_smile:

I recommend you to follow this playlist and casually watch her other videos that catch your interest :v:


Thats fantastic, i will have a look over those and see how i can work it in to a regular system.

Thanks again! :smiley:

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How do I add different variations in how something is written? I’d like to be able to have different ways something is written show up on my reviews that way I’m not memorizing how the exact shape of the kanji/radical because it shows up different in other people’s writing. I was able to do it on the IOS app, but I can’t figure out how to do it on PC. Thanks.

Are you talking about font randomization?

Since that’s not part of vanilla WK (as you may already know, there are no official WK apps, only third-party stuff), the only way to do it on PC is via scripts.

Like this one

Question about the kanji mountain. In level 1 it teaches that the pronunciation is さん, but when I click on it to review it says down at the bottom that (on what it is used in) that it is pronounced やま. Didn’t know if there are two pronunciations or not because it doesn’t say that there are.

Thank you / ありがとう

In the kanji lesson (the pink item) you are taught just one reading. For 山, you learn the onyomi, which is さん.

In the vocab lesson (the purple item) you are taught the reading for when the item appears as a word. For 山, it is read やま, the kunyomi, when it is a word in a sentence.

For instance, これは山です is これはやまです.

But the onyomi will appear in compounds. For instance, ふじ山 (Mount Fuji)

So, これはふじ山です would be これはふじさんです.

You’ll get the hang of it as you go.


So I’ve been trying to figure out for a few weeks on how to get an avatar… :sweat_smile:

When I try to do it in my profile page it sends me to another site, which then tells me to get an account on wordpress.
I swear I remember there was an option to just upload an avatar to just WaniKani when I first created my account?
Or is the only way to get one is to go through the whole deal of making a wordpress account etc.?

Go to your profile preferences, click the little editing icon next to your avatar, choose the third option in this box.

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Figured it out thanks to you. :slight_smile:

I was looking in the WK dashboard account settings and not the preferences over here… :expressionless:

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Doesn’t work. I’ve tried it, followed all of the instructions, and no font changes. I’ve put in the code into tampermonkey and it verifies that it is jitai’s code, but nothing works. I installed the code, installed all of the fonts, but I’ve had no success getting changes in font. Not sure what the deal is.

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I’m no script expert by any means, I’m afraid.

If Jitai uses WK Open Framework, make sure that WKOF is in the number 1 spot on your TamperMonkey dashboard.

The only other problem I can readily think of if you followed all the install instructions is this mention in the Jitai thread: Whoops, wasn’t paying attention for a moment.

Did you download fonts for the script to use in randomization?

If it’s none of that, I would have no idea, and I think you’d be best off commenting in the Jitai thread and getting help from the script developer. ^^

Good luck getting to going!

All good, I’ll figure it out eventually. Thank you!

Do I have to go through the checklist in order to get kanji unlocks?

Where do I pay to get an account that gets me more than 3 lessons?

Looking at your profile I can see that you’ve guru’ed all 26 radicals from level one, which means that you should have more than 3 kanji lessons. All the content in levels 1-3 is free, and the checklist isn’t connected to anything, so that’s not what’s holding you back.

Do you guys think there’s a bug with Calg’s account?

Check again to see if you have more lessons; if not, then you maybe should email to have them take a look.

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Thank you for replying, I took the time to look through the FAQ, and figured things out. I was just kinda frustrated that I was learning the same radicals for the last few days and thinking that I was missing something. That’s what I get for not reading. No bugs!




How do you get a graph like this? This is an example that I’ve shamelessly stolen from some thread btw :^)

@okappa Check this thread :slight_smile:

There’s a more recent version of this website being tested (it uses API version 2). You can check it out here :slight_smile:

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so it’s from the first version of wkstats? got it, thank you

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The first version (that you can find on the first link) works well. The 2nd version has more updated data and can deal with certain situations better (for example, resetting the level would be a mess on version 1). Both work very well in normal circumstances and you can find that graphic in both :slight_smile:

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