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You can still look at them by images in the level matrix. If you click “Radicals” up at the top of the dashboard, you can then pick “1-10” and “11-20”, etc, and visibly see all of them. Hopefully you can more easily find the ones you are looking for that way.

Does that help a bit?

Neither do I… @CyrusS

… In fact, I’ve never even come close.

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I have a quick question, I´ve seen there are several userscripts that you can use to improve wanikani experience, my question is, once you reach the last level and you have completed all lessons, is there anyway to add more vocabulary to do it the wanikani way, from external lists but to do it in this page or something like that? I have no idea how userscripts work, but if there´s something like that I would probably give it a try!

I don’t think there is a script like that; I could imagine how one would work but it would a colossal hack.

Userscripts only work in your browser (and modify webpages you visit), while WK also does some things on their server, so everything must be done on your machine only. You would also have to trick WK into presenting lessons and reviews even though it thinks there are zero available. In a hybrid form you could inject more lesson or review items once you “naturally” have new lessons or reviews, but then you don’t really get a SRS for your stuff.

So if WK itself doesn’t add it you are probably out of luck …

I don’t believe there has been such a userscript yet… however, there are some WK-ified Anki decks floating around, most notably the awesome ones by @hinekidori that have been modified by @eninny. They emulate WK because you can input your answers.
As an example.

Also when you’ve reached max level, there is an excellent script by @rfindley, the “Self-Study Quiz”.

Confused. So confused. How do I work out which answer WK wants in my reviews? There’s at least two different readings and two different meanings. I just can’t work out which one the review wants. Is it ‘right’ or ‘stone’? 'Nin, jin, hito,to??? Help.

You only need to put in one of the possible answers, it doesn’t matter which one if there are multiple listed. Pick one to associate with it first and use that one consistently. The other readings will be introduced in vocabulary words to reinforce their uses, you don’t have to memorize all of them at once.


Hmm you know that these are two different kanji? 右石

In other cases, all meanings are accepted as answers (when there are “alternative meanings)”, so you can choose one. The readings じん, にん, … are quite random, you have to really focus on then during the lessons in the beginning and learn them by heart. It will get easier once you noticed some patterns.

I have made some updates recently.



So I have question I’d like to ask the community. I’d appreciate the honesty, however brutal it may be. I’ve been studying with WaniKani for close to eight months now and I’m only at level 7. It seems to me like this is at a glacial pace compared to those of others. According to the FAQ, completing all 60 levels including burning all items, two years is a reasonable speed. I have to admit there are some months were I don’t progress very much. I try to get at my reviews twice or at least once a day. If new lessons pop up, I try through get through them in batches of twenty a day. Does this seem too slow? Is there some advice someone can give to help me speed up the progress? Or should I even be worried about this?

Hi! First of all, I would say it’s not necessarily a concern to be moving at that pace. Everyone here moves at their own pace. What’s important is that you’re really learning the material.
If you do want to speed up, one thing to consider is accuracy. If you have low accuracy on radicals and kanji, it will take longer to level up. If that’s the case I would recommend slowing down on the lessons and spending more time absorbing the new items, because that will actually speed up your leveling in the long run.
But again, what’s important is that you’re learning and that you’re satisfied with your pace–it’s not particularly useful to compare your speed to others’.


Honestly, I wouldn’t worry too much about speed, so long as you still feel like you are learning at a pace that isn’t overwhelming for you. I just leveled up to level 11 a couple days ago and it’s taken me over a year to get to this point, so you’re definitely not the slowest learner around, if you’re concerned about that.

If taking it slow is what works for you, then that’s perfectly fine. If you feel like you could learn more and go faster, there are absolutely ways that you can manage that and see where your limits are for this site and for learning Japanese as a whole. Really, it boils down to what works for you and what you’re comfortable with.


On your user page ( it seems that you only have 25 apprentice items. If your current new lessons are at 0 you should check if you have a few “blocker kanji” or radicals that you get wrong all the time, so they keep you below 90% to level up …

You say you do lessons and reviews frequently, so 25 apprentice items is extremely low.



20 lessons a day sounds like a good pace to me. Some people learn differently than others.

I’ve been at it for shoot, possibly close to 3 years now, and I’m only level 16. Life happens too.
However, if you’re going to continue at that pace, (and it’s comfortable), I’d recommend getting Lifetime to save yourself some cash - if you have that much upfront, anyway.

You may want to spend more time on your lessons before you do the final quiz at the end of them - this will slow your lessons down but hopefully make them stick better when it comes up during your reviews.

We’re cheering for you!


Website seems great! One question, how long do I have to wait till I can do the next lesson?

I just now realized that there are badges. It seems I haven’t completed the new user tutorial yet. What do I have to do for that? I can’t find an option to show the tutorial again? I think I need an introduction thread?

You’ll get kanji lessons when you answer radicals correctly four times in a row.

@Pashmina That was done through @WaniMekani, who is now disabled, meaning you can’t get that badge anymore.

Nooo… cries in completionist

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