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I think they usually say it’s possible but they probably won’t add a significant amount.

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Original WaniKani had 50 levels and they did add 10 more along the way. It is definitely not planned any time soon, but I don’t see why they wouldn’t at some point. More plausible is adding some more vocab for levels 50-60 in the near future, though.


which level do you have to get to to begin understanding childrens manga and such? I’ve had my eyes on yatsubato for a while. looks pretty simple.

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When it comes to reading, grammar is more important than kanji. It’s much easier to look up unknown kanji/words on something like but looking up unknown grammar is harder. However, level 15-20 should be a good start. Just prepare to look up words a lot.


Is there a userscript that changes the font of the kanji/hiragana? Thanks.

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There are a couple. Jitai and Wanikani Random Font are the ones that come to mind.


Hi! I’ve joined recently to this community, and so far, I’m pretty happy, but I still don’t fully know how this website works, and I have a question…

I haven’t got any lessons in a few days, and I don’t know if that’s normal…

What’s the deal with lessons?

Thanks in advance!

Did you read through the FAQ? I strongly recommend doing so, since it covers beginner questions like this. ^^

For your particular question:

Oh, and forgot to add; welcome to WK!


Thanks Omun! Have a nice day!


thank you, I’ll check them out :slight_smile:

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I was reading through the various guides/faqs on the website, and it says that WK will almost always teach you the on-reading first and then kun-reading later with vocab. I know both of the readings for a lot of kanji already, and I’m just wondering, is there a reason why they would teach you the kun-reading first instead of the on-reading?

I think an example would be that they’ve taught me こえ for 声 first, but I haven’t seen a question for せい yet.

Apologies in advance if this is question that has been asked to death, I really did try and look through the guides.

As far as I know, frequency is often the deciding factor if the kun’yomi is taught with a kanji.

If you’re quite unlikely to be faced with the on’yomi reading in the average native texts, WK just teaches kun from the start.

It streamlines the learning of common usages of common kanji. The more obscure stuff is left to self-explore as one starts reading and supplementing vocab outside of WK. ^^


Thank you for the quick reply and answer! Makes a lot of sense that they would go with frequency as priority.


Hello I am not super new as you can see by my level but I still consider myself fairly new. I have a question about radicals and kanji moving levels. I have been fairly frustrated several times by having a radical or kanji I already learned and got to master or something all of a sudden reappear to be relearned from scratch. Why does this happen and how often should I expect this deal with this frustration? Additionally of I have several radicals and kanji moving up levels that I am relearning am I also have some shift down levels that I may be missing now since I already passed that level? If so, do I ever learn those or are the just unfortunately skipped unless I reset? Thanks in advance for all your help!

Do you mean items going back to Apprentice or Guru, making you review them frequently again? Items get demoted down the SRS levels if you make a mistake. Or do you mean old items somehow reappear in your lesson queue all over again?

I’m afraid I don’t entirely understand this question. Do you think you could explain a bit more what you mean by this? :slight_smile:

Aye, I’m a little perplexed too. They did an overhaul where they moved several radicals and kanji to different levels, but that was back in December last year, before you joined. Is it possible you’ve mastered a kanji, and later it appears as a new radical? Because when it does that, it’s creating new radicals to simplify later mnemonics.

What I mean is for example I just became level 12. When all my new radicals and kanji showed up for me to start learning there were ones that I had learned before. Like fix, request, early, beforehand, business to name a few. I have already learned those radicals, kanji, and many vocabulary involving those radicals/kanji. But somehow all that progress was for nothing because now I have to start from zero and do it again. I guess that means this level will be easier but it is very frustrating too and feels like a waste of time to start from zero, especially when it isn’t like these got lowered because I was getting them wrong or anything they just changed level or something.

If there’s a bug, emailing the staff directly would be the best way to handle it. They probably won’t see it here.

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But I don’t know of it is a bug or just the creators moving things between levels or some other reasoning. That is what I am trying to determine.

I suppose it could be this. But does turning a previously learned kanji into a radical for a higher level really help later?