Netflix Japanese Learning

Not sure if this is the right place to put it, but I recently learned about a Chrome extension that helps you learn Japanese while watching Netflix. It shows you both the original transcription of the movie you’re watching, and the transcription translated in English.

I hope this is useful to anyone! :blush:


The USA selection for Japanese is pretty limited but it does have a handful of movies that it currently supports.
Here’s the catalog for anybody interested: Japanese Catalog LLN


Ok now i need this, but for Crunchyroll


I love how Netflix it’s getting to be such a huge resource for language learning through this add ons…

For now I think I’ll stick with Subadub, another similar addon that has the extra of been able to connect with yomichan :hugs::hugs: … so you can get definitions and create Anki cards on the spot.

In any case the catalog it’s great for having a quick overview of shows over Japanese Netflix without having to aimlessly wonder on the Netflix platform.:+1::+1:


I’m not at the point of reading just yet but man is my day made right now. I was planning on using Yomichan and to read boring Easy News websites before seeing this.

This is going to make learning way more enjoyable. Can’t wait! Thanks @Ncastaneda @TheFlaminMunch @katelastrapes


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