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Hello, guys.

I’d like to practice more in spoken Japanese. Can you please advise me websites where I can watch or download anime with Japanese subtitles?

I don’t want to promote the sites here (because they use pirated content). It’s pretty easy to find them if you search for “anime with japanese subtitles”.

Oh, and Netflix has Japanese subtitles for at least some of its anime catalog (might depend on your region).

And similar topics have been discussed on the forum in the past, so you should search the forum as well.

5 Likes is definitely one of the best resources for that I think. It has many options like opting for kana readings or regular (with kanjis) and even both simultaneously. You have of course a translation given and you can click on each word to have a specific definition/translation !


For me, all JP shows and a fair share of English shows have JP subs if the account language is set to JP.

And if you have multiple users on one Netflix subscription, changing the language for one user doesn’t affect the other users.


Japanese subtitles

Every single anime produced by Netflix has full language options in every region.
Beyond that, if you use a super high quality VPN like VPNExpress, you can change your region to Japan and watch every show with Japanese subtitles.

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Awesome! However looks like it hasn’t been refreshed for last 2-3 years…

I didn’t even try it yet, because I am mainly focusing on reading right now but there should be a good amount of old animes to rewatch at least.
To improve your spoken Japanese only, maybe you could take a look at audible with a Japanese account, but again I didn’t try it plus, I am not sure there are mangas. I haven’t read about it yet on the forum but maybe someone could give you a feedback here :slight_smile:

For Netflix, try the Subadub browser extension or Language Learning With Netflix for Chrome. I like the former for displaying larger Japanese (so I can actually read them) subtitles. And the type is editable so you can copy & paste to look up words or make flashcards etc. You can also have Japanese and English subs display simultaneously (but I usually don’t do that).







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i suck at japanese, but…

if you want to practice listening ability shouldn’t you just watch it raw? you’re going to use the japanese subs as a crutch. even if you don’t understand 99% of it who cares, you can still have fun. i watch raws and some words pop out so much you can’t help but learn them

I also watch shows without subtitles occasionally - for entertainment mainly. It’s an inefficient way to study because you cannot check if you understood somthing correctly.

Sure if you want to learn a few new words you can do it, but depending on one’s level it is challenging to catch more difficult grammar and expressions without actually checking subtitles.

Japanese subs to learn are a great idea. They help with shadowing and such which helps you a lot. @Leunam

It doesn’t?! Good to know! I can fiddle with that more often, then. I stopped when I dropped my subscription and piggybacked on my Mom’s.

Also to the OP - crunchyroll is a free (limited service with commercials)/subscription service all about anime (and some live action dramas, and some k-dramas). Also we have a thread or two on the forums here where paying members toss a 2-day subscription pass out for grabs. Great for a weekend.

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Sorry, I don’t understand the response. Are you confused about how the browser extensions work or how to install them? Or just simply skeptical of the concept?

They probably just find it slightly amusing that the link says “get it for Firefox” while your post mentions that is is “an extension for Chrome”

So in other words, it’s probably more of a small joke than confusion or skepticism :slight_smile:

…but of course, keep in mind that this is just my interpretation of someone what someone else wrote, so I could be completely wrong too


Yeah, I was just being cheeky as per @Ditto20


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