Setting up Learning Language with Netflix

Does anyone use this plugin and have any pointers on how to get the most out of it? I’m having a little difficulty setting it up the way I want, mainly because trying to hide all of the English also takes away English definition in the dictionary. Does anyone know where I can find both J-E and J-J dictionaries to load to the plugin, and how to go about that? Any way to send those definitions to Anki along with the context sentence? Sorry if this is basic stuff, but I’m still figuring it out. Thanks.

Maybe you can find relevant information in this thread?

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Began using LNN for Subs2Kitsun and I found the learning curve to be very quick for creating cards…I’ve seen the manuals for sub2srs setups, learning Japanese looks easier :upside_down_face: For non-SRS, I thought Netflix Dual was pretty good (at least the trial), similar to LLN but actually saves logged sentences so pretty simple, however it is a subscription so never continued and have to load specified episode to find the sentences.

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