Learn Japanese with video clips

Hi everyone,

Could you please mention a good website to learn Japanese with drama video clips and subtitle.
I hope to see SRS integrated as a feature.

Thank you

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I can’t go into all the details, because I don’t personally use this method…but lots of people use Netflix and the browser extension Language Learning with Netflix (or called something similar). You can find whatever drama interests you and have a language learning tool with subtitles. You can also export the lines of dialogue to Anki.


I"m sure I saw the name of the website here in WK, but I don’t remember it. If anyone can suggest some names, it would be very helpful.

Maybe SuperNative is what you’re looking for?


The website seems promising, but somehow it doesn’t work for me. I get this error messsage “Aww Nuts, Something went wrong”.
Any suggestions please?

僕も :frowning:

I couldn’t get it to load either

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@karim1800 @ryanh61 You mean the whole page doesn’t load? Or can you just not see the right part?

What it looks like for me

There is a “Contact us” menu entry on the left, maybe you can use that to get help (if you can see that part)? Other than that, I could not find any email address or the like that you could contact directly, sorry :frowning:

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I got it to work! Not quite sure how. It really isn’t designed to run on a phone, so maybe that’s the issue.


Whenever I click on any Exercice, the video doesn’t load. I contacted them few days ago but they didn’t reply yet.
Would you mind sharing how did you fixed it?

One thing that seems to help is I turned my phone on its side. Then there’s more room.

I also clicked each of the buttons on their site until something worked…

Sorry I don’t know exactly what I did :grimacing: and it doesn’t always work for me either…

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Note to everyone!!!:

Netflix has several language tracks that are often hidden unless you have chosen that as your language in the website. Japanese is one of these languages. Almost every Netflix original movie or series will actually have a JPN audio track, but it only shows up in the apps if netflix thinks you’re japanese (by profile, not geolocation/IP)

The easiest way to tell is to watch the credits for your show and pay attention to the dubbing actor lists. Do you see a Japanese language cast? If so, then you can switch to it, but it might not be in the app until you change your language to Japanese at netflix.com

This also applies to the location itself too. If you get a VPN for Japan you can gain access to even more content not normally available to you. I’ve been using one and have been loving the material I can watch

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