Need some help with あんたにわたしてくれって

In the game I’m currently playing I found a note that said “I left the key with the old woman -Han”. The old woman gives me the key after I say this: さっきハーンってこからあんたにわたしてくれってさ

I’m pretty sure that ハーンってこから means “from a kid called Han”. The use of こ confuses me a bit because I can’t really tell how old these people are but since this game is based on an anime (3x3 eyes) they’re probably teenagers, so I think that こ is kid.

The next is the most confusing despite me understanding all the parts. I think the って means something like “I hear that”.

Putting it together “I hear that a kid called Han left something with you earlier.” The “left something with you” part is a bit of a guess though, how far off the mark am I?


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That わたして is like 渡す in the て form, and after that てくれる is the “ask someone do do X” form.
The final って should be a shortened version for っていった, so “A child named Han asked me to give this to you” is my guess.


Oh my god! You’re right, I got confused over what character was speaking lol. If I noticed it was the old woman saying that it would have made sense.

Thank you for the help but it’s seppuku time now.