Need help with translation plz

I am reading a book and found a sentence that, despite all my effort, I can’t quite understand. Can someone help me plz?

I will put the sentence before in case it could be of any help.



thx in advance for the help

If you try to translate it then we might have a better idea of what to help you on, as opposed to just posting a translation with no explanation (or trying to explain every part)


I will try

"It’s seem so. carefully this road (I don’t undertand that part) what does it mean, I don’t understand "

can you give us some context (is it historical, manga, drama, fiction, time period?)

I’m guessing “carefully this road” is your attempt for ちゃんとした街. That’s more like “a proper town”. まち is town. I guess street is listed as a translation on jisho, but it’s more in the sense of " a neighborhood that size ".

Then, it really was a proper city here?

Something like that, I guess. But I don’t know what a proper city means (what you mean by a proper city).

That’s my attempt at translating it. I don’t know how well I did. I’m also waiting for other answers :relaxed:


thx guys that was quick. :sweat_smile: was wondering what した街 was and thought they put it at the ーて form.

街 had “street” as definition on WK.

Never thought one word could screw my understanding of a sentence over

For a meaning of the kanji character. The word isn’t on WK.

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Yeah that was my mistake

but what is the extra う doing in there?

A typo?

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yeah my fault srry

It is on WK, it just uses the 町 kanji instead
From what I’ve gathered there’s a lot of words like this that can use alternate kanji that mean similar things, jisho lists 街 as an alternate kanji of 町 for instance so I’m guessing 町 is the more common kanji

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Stupid question, what’s した ? する or 下 as in 下町 ?

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It’s する.
That being said, it’s better to consider ちゃんとした as a single word…


Thanks, didn’t find it on Jisho

Hello! I didn’t want to start a new topic, that’s why I am posting in existing one. I would kindly ask for some help with translation of the sentence down below:
It is the name of an music album (Jp/Sl collaboration), the translation would go something like this: “The snakes are waiting for the blue sky, cold road, too soon for me.” I am curious if this is accurate? I am very excited though I am able to recognize kanji for blue, old and sky!



It looks correct to me; maybe it would be better to translated “frozen road” than just cold.

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