Need help with what Nami is saying (2nd page)

apearantly in this doujin Nami is drunk and sits on Zoro’s lap. I understood everything pretty well except for what she’s saying here.

my guess: " huh, what’s wrong? even though each time we’re alone you get angry when I sit on my knees"

credit: @night__yoru on Twitter


Your guess is right, afaik. Or the opposite? :eyes:

That 座れって怒る is weird.

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yeah I was about to ask. bc I haven’t learned that form of 座る yet.

座れ is the imperative form

“You’re mad even though when it’s just the two of us you always tell me to sit on your lap.”

Lap is more natural than knees here, just comes down to what would normally be said.


Maybe the って here is used for quotation and not the te-form of 座る?


Yeah, it makes more sense that way, too.

I was getting confused by the 怒るくせに, then.

It is.


thanks alot :pray:t5:

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