Is this sentence correct? (Simple question)

I wanted some help with a quick question (hopefully this is in the correct place!)

If I want to say “The sky is angry”, would it be correct to say "空は怒ったです”?

Also, how would I say the following sentences:

“She seems angry.”

“I’m not angry.”

“Are you angry?”

Any help is super appreciated!

Here’s a partial answer:

As a general rule, I’d say there is no reason to think that an idiomatic phrase like “The sky is angry” in English would directly/literally translate into an unrelated language like Japanese. I’ll leave it to someone else to come up with the Japanese equivalent and maybe prove me wrong in this case.


You can’t use 怒った and です together. Your conjugation requires 怒った or 怒りました or 怒っていた or 怒っていました.

“She seems angry.” - 彼女が怒っているように見えます is a formal possibility. 彼女が怒っているっぽい is a real informal option.

“I’m not angry.” - 怒っていません or 怒っていない

“Are you angry?” - 怒っていますか? 怒っている?


I don’t know what it’s supposed to be, but the wisdom dictionary actually has an entry for “an angry sky” (!?):
2(文)[通例名の前で]荒れ模様の, 荒れ狂った<空・海>

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Thank you!

Super helpful :slight_smile:

A Japanese person I asked said that 怒っているっぽい is okay for the sky or the sea, etc.


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