Need help with Koohi

Hi guys. I need some help with using Koohi, which I’m new to.

I generated a reading list for 妹さえいればいい. Trashed a number of the 300 words that were presented to me, quizzed myself on some of the others which have since moved to the srs sytem. Now I generated the list with same parameters (frequency 1 and WK level 60), but I’m getting the same words the second time round. Shouldn’t the words that have been trashed not appear again?

Secondly, I want to know how to export my Koohi data to Kanji. I tried doing it by exporting as .csv and then importing into Anki but the formatting is off.
Any guidance is welcome.

Theres a dedicated thread here

You might get a faster reply from raionus if you post in there.

Just checking, youre properly logged in, you added the cards to your lessons, and then you did the lessons, right?

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Thanks Vanilla.
Yes. But I clicked “ignore” or “known” for some too. Its possible that these two categories reappear, though I would think they shouldn’t. I will give this one more go and see.

I will post the Koohi to Anki question on the thread you linked.
one more question. It seems that srs-ing and learning all the frequency one words from a novel will take some time. At what stage did you actually start reading novels? When you had learnt some, half, ALL the words beforehand for a smoother read?

Clicking ”ignore“ only removes it from that session. It will reappear later. I think it used to work a bit differently in the past.

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I wouldn’t suggest starting with frequency 1. Either start with frequency 2 or frequency 2+overlapping frequency 1.

I would add 20 words for the day and then read until the final word that I had added, basically.

Just to make sure I understand correctly… the word list generated by Koohi is presented in the order in which it appears in the book? And you would stop reading at the point where the 20th word that you added for that particular day, appears right?
And you only did one quiz for that word before actually reading it in the book, and did not wait for the srs to categorise it as “learned”.

Yes to both of your questions.

I would also check the sentence it appeared in for words with a handful of definitions or ambiguous ones to better understand how it was used during the lesson phase.

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