Need vocabulary list or deck for RTK kanji list

I am studying kanji using kanji koohi site ,
I am also started learning vocabulary along with the kanji but I couldn’t find any vocabulary list or flash cards that’s in the same order as RTK or kanji koohi site order.
If someone has any lists or ankideck related to this kindly share with me

RTK kanji list is not sorted by School Grade or Newspaper Frequency, and sometimes include relatively rare Kanji. The vocab list won’t be very plausible.

However, in this deck All in One Kanji Deck (Heisig's RTK Order, 6th edition) - AnkiWeb, there are common words in Example field. It is possible to try to export and drill Examples. – I actually did it for you…

You can also try to sort by *(kanji)*

Just curious, if you’re using another tool rather and not using WK, how did you end up on these forums?

This is the best Japanese learning community :heart:

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I do enjoy the community here!

But is curious to go to another company’s forums and be like “I’m not using your tools, can someone provide me with alternate tools.” (rather than, say, supplementary tools)

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