Please let us add our own content

we should be able to add our own vocab/kanji for use in the SRS system.


Look into Anki or Memrise


There’s also HouHou, a dictionary with SRS functionality built in, though that’s Windows-only. I do like that it shows if an item is included in any of WK’s levels, though.


Here is an Anki template that emulates the WaniKani experience if that will help.

[Template Final Form - maybe]


The whole reason I made this post is because I want to be able to add my own vocab into the WK SRS and review system.


I’ve used both. Neither offer what I made this post for.

Okay, good luck then. :+1:


With respect, if you make a major feature request on the feedback forum, you might have more chance of success if you make a more compelling argument than, “We should be able to…”


We should be able to. It would be helpful and there’s no reason not to include it.

@MacMalarkey I’m in agreement with you.

Why not let us add our own items to the system?

Is it an economical concern? Is it to keep us from jumping ahead of the kanji learning?

Could they offer it as a reward for reaching level 15?

Can a greasemonkey or chrome extension do it?

Does the app API allow it?

Switching learning systems is cognitively exhausting. Users like WK, obviously. Why not give them more of what they want with less mental overhead?

Let’s think of ideas of why it should and would work instead of instantly pouncing on a user who wants to improve WK.


Thank you. If you could make a separate post to get our voices heard that would be great!

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With respect, I don’t think the folks answering OP’s post were pouncing, merely offering suggestions or alternatives. That was how I approached my response, at least. It’s also too late at night where I am for me to bother looking it up, but I feel like this topic has been addressed and hashed out before (possibly several times).


Right off the bat, its a lot of extra coding, maintenance, database usage, etc. Its not really as “simple” as people would think.

In theory. But it would be one hell of a script.

The API really only allows you to get data. So, API would be virtually useless with creating this type of new functionality via third party.


I think it would be great if users could add their own content to WK, as I prefer this site to Memrise and Anki. I like the idea of having all of my materials in one place as well. I wouldn’t even mind paying a few extra bucks for it.

That said, I do think that it could be difficult to realize.

  • It should only open to users of a certain level (perhaps 30 and up?) so that beginners aren’t studying words that are too difficult for them, getting discouraged, and leaving WK.

  • In order for it to truly work, it would be necessary to make sure that each vocabulary word you entered also contained a lesson for the kanji that it consisted of.

  • On that note, you could only enter words that contained kanji you have either already Guru’d or are not in WK.

I know literally nothing about scripts and all that, but I imagine that it would be pretty difficult.

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I think the reason why they haven’t even if they wanted to is because it would likely be very complex. To start with, how would you determine what level a kanji belongs in and which radicals it’s made up of? WK is very strictly organized but if you just throw in new kanji into the mix all willy-nilly it kind of ruins that don’t you think? What would happen if WaniKani adds a kanji which you’ve added? These are just examples of a few issues that would come up with even trying to implement such a feature. Honestly I can’t even see it ever being added without it feeling clunky to say the least.

I used to not be a fan of Anki as well for so long, I was very stubborn about it too. Eventually I came to the realization that it is a tool that is indispensable for your journey to fluency.


Yes, you’re right. I assume it’s not simple. Mainly because a whole new interface would need to be built to manage user words. And where would it fit? And how do you keep users from adding 300 words on the 3rd level and then burning out before they even made it to level 5?

I also noticed the API only provides elements that have been unlocked. So, you can’t skip around there. Can’t post there.

Maybe cloning the look is the only way to go? Frustrating but true, WaniKani has one sole purpose, no matter how much we try to foist upon it.

Hi! How are you! :grin:

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No I don’t think it ruins anything. Your own added content doesn’t need radicals or a level. If you want to add them you can.

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You should really try @hinekidori’s Anki template, from what I saw it really is very similar to WK’s system.

Adding it to WK is a major task, should probably include some community function to share vocab with others, and would then effectively turn into a direct competitor with more established alternatives. Your request is valid, but also a major change to WK and an uncertain investment :slight_smile:


Hasn’t Koichi said that this is a possibility? It’s not like they don’t know about the idea.