Learning the not Kanji words

I have gotten pretty good at understanding Kanji. What resources to people recommend for learning the words that aren’t ever written with kanji? At the moment these are harder than Kanji and I don’t know how to find a list of them or what they would really be called.


Excessive reading or an anki deck, latter either aimed directly at kana only words, or just a regular most common words (like 2k 6k).

You can use the free application Torii-SRS and exclude all WK-Kanji and -vocab. I think there is also an option which lets you sort by frequency or JLPT level. As far as I know, it’s available for mobile as well as desktop. Like the name says it’s another SRS and can be a potential addition to your routine.

However, I add vocab that I come across during immersion to an Anki deck but if you want to learn as many words as possible I think either route is fine. If you find it uncomfortable/annoying to add new cards to Anki, there is always Yomichan.

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Do you have recommended common words list? I figure if I get the 2000, down then my reading will be significantly smoother.

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There is the very common 2k 6k deck floating about. Absolutely not certain about how legal it is, there are some stories about it’s origin being a copyrighted anki deck or something. Core 2k/6k Optimized Japanese Vocabulary with Sound Part 01 - AnkiWeb this is one version of it, DJT Anki guide this might be a different version of it. Check them both out, have a feel for them, and choose whichever you like at a glance more. At level 24 you won’t exactly be doing a lot of work you’ve already gone through, but there will be some words you’ve already seen before. That just makes it easier.

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I dumped Core 10k to Google Sheets before, so it might be easier to browse without opening Anki.

Non-WaniKani Kanji, Hira and Kata vocabulary lists might be interesting; and might not need to be focused on learning with Kanji at all. (While it is also true that Kanji I feel I need are more than what WaniKani taught.)


This is beautiful!

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There’s decks out there that claim you can “Learn 400 words in a week” that are basically just loan words you probably already know.

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This and discard WK-words.

What do you mean?

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