Translating problems

Hello, I am not sure if this can be posted here, but here we go XD
The thing is, I’m tranlating a book from japanese to spanish and I’m having trouble with afew sentences. The book is written in old japanese so yeah XD
If anyone clould help me, i’d be supergrateful


井楼 (Seirou) をあげて攻めるぞ三星を
天神そえて周匝 (Susai)食い物


The first one is aparently from a poem, the other two are from something similar and are at war ^^ Seirou and Susai are places and 天神 (Tenjin) too.

Sorry for my bad english ^^ and thanks in advance

Have a nice day and thanks for reading too :slight_smile:

We barely have a hang on modern Japanese. I would recommend asking a native who knows something about classical Japanese.

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Thanks ^^ I’ll look around

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