Need help: Got a new smartphone today, but app is stuck on "Enter V2 API token" screen

Hi there,

so I got a new smartphone, transferred all apps and data, all good. Then I click on the Wanikani app and … I’m greeted by the “Enter V2 API token” screen, where you can only enter a token at the top, then below is an explanation how to do it.

Problem: I did as explained and it’s not working. When I enter my newly generated token (I made sure to click all the boxes!) and click on “save”, the screen flashes in white for a moment, then I’m back at the same screen. Oh, and it says “6 background tasks” at the very top, but that hasn’t changed in hours. Tried clearing the cache of the app, too, nothing.

I’d really like to continue learning my Kanji asap, so if anybody knows, I’d be really thankful. Thank you.

You might want to mention what app it is


A lot of the apps made by users are no longer supported, so it’s best to check the app category and see what people are using these days.

Flaming Durtle

Sorry, I thought that was the commonly known Wanikani app :>

Alright, app is working again. Completely uninstalling and re-installing did the trick. Weird, but whatever.

Thanks anyway!

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Perhaps it might help others in the future if you put the name of the app “Flaming Durtles” in your subject title. (I almost asked you what it was again, having missed it in one of your shorter posts!)

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