Creating an Authentication API for the Jakeipuu/Flaming Durtles Apps

I apologize if I am in the wrong place. I’m new here (Hi!). I am only able to use Android Apps to help with my WaniKani learning process. When I downloaded both apps last night I keep receiving an error of “Unauthorized. Please grant API Token Permission” for Jakepiuu and “WaniKani is not accepting your API token. Did you give your API token the correct permissions?” for Flaming Durtles.

I went to this page, installed Tampermonkey, and did the first script available on the page that starts with

var apiToken = '<api_token_here>';

It was accepted correctly into Tampermonkey, but still no success. I am unfamiliar with coding and just honestly unsure as to what I am even doing right now. I don’t know if I’m even in the right area of this being a fix for this problem.

Does anyone know how I can grant my apps the API token? They say it needs to go through WaniKani. If it is a coding process, does anyone have step-by-step instructions? It would be greatly appreciated.

The site I went to was right here under the ‘Authentication’ section:

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You have to go to this page and generate an API token with all permissions, and then go into the SETTINGS of the respective apps to enter that token. I don’t know about Jakeipuu, but in Flaming Durtles you go to Settings > API and audio download settings > V2 API token


Awesome! That worked! Thanks so much!

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