Need help finding this kanji

I want to look up a kanji on, but I can’t find the radicals it uses nor does it show up in the search results when I try to draw it. Anyway, it looks somewhat like this. Anyone know what it is?

Ten characters

Oh, so it is that one. It looks different on the font I was reading, so I guess that’s why I thought it was a different but similar looking one…

Isn’t that on WK lvl 9?
WaniKani / Kanji / 発


It is, but like I said, I thought it was different because of the font, lol.

`発 はつ Means depart 出発 departure works much better for drawing kanji than At the bottom of the input field, there’s a drop-down box showing ‘あ’. Change it to the pencil icon to draw kanji (or kana).

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I was going to say 発. On WaniKani it’s listed.

You already got the answer, but anyway… These are the jisho radicals:


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