Want to translate this

https://gyazo.com/bbf102f7e5db93753cbac028c3db20f8 Hey guys I want to translate this… Thanks for your help


Thanks do you have the url?

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Jisho.org :slight_smile:
It’s an online dictionary

On jisho, you can draw the kanji and search for it, which can be really helpful for stuff like this.

If you haven’t used it, would highly reccommend. AND, they recently started labeling kanji with their WaniKani level, so that’s an interesting stat to have.

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If you want to know the meaning of vocabulary with Kanji you don’t know, you can search Jisho using radicals by clicking this cool little button here.


This is the vocabulary word. Let’s look for radicals that seem to make up the first Kanji.

Well would ya lookie here! They’re all there. At the top, you can see the first Kanji in that vocabulary word. Click on it to add it to your search.

Now let’s look for radicals that make up the second Kanji.

Woohoo! They’re here again! The second Kanji now appears at the top as well. Click on that and you’re ready to search for your vocabulary word!

And there you have it! You have now successfully looked up a vocabulary word that you don’t know. Hurray!

Beware that sometimes the radicals don’t look exactly like how they look in the Kanji, for example the 心 radical in Jisho appears to be larger than the one in the Kanji.


I had no idea you can do that.

You just rendered my entire tutorial meaningless.


Not really recently, it’s been there my whole time on WK

I mean, it’s still useful. I can’t draw for s*** and sometimes I confuse the heck out of it. You are still needed :green_heart:

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Huh, I don’t remember it being there when I used it first, but after I reset, I started noticing it. Guess I just overlooked :man_shrugging:

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Nah, radicals is still much quicker, especially if you’re on a laptop and trying to move the drawing cursor and press down at the same time. Drawing it’s a pain.

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google translate’s kanji recognition service is way, way, way better than jisho’s. forget the actual translation part, that’s trash, just use the kanji recognition. you can write stuff chinese doctor style and it’ll still get it, it’s amazing

also if you use an iOS device, try out an app called shirabe jisho. the kanji recognition is pretty good there too

Jisho’s kanji recognition is completely useless if you don’t have the correct stroke order. For example, I tried drawing 戸. I thought the vertical line was drawn second, but it’s drawn last. Jisho came up with 96 wrong kanji, most of which didn’t look anywhere near what I drew (it even tried 宀 wth). On Google translate, 戸 was the second choice.

One of the reasons I think RTK is still helpful, even when going through WaniKani.

Also OP (and anyone else, for that matter), rikaichan and rikaikun are excellent aides for finding out the meaning of a word. You just hover over it with your mouse and it gives you the jisho definition.

edit: hover with your mouse, not your mouth /eyeroll

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