Need help deciphering a couple of lines in a song

So this is the second opening to Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam, and what particularly interests me is the backing vocals in the chorus. They obviously have different lyrics from the lead vocal line, but I havent found a single version of the song’s lyrics that would include those lines. Could anyone with better Japanese skills tell me what it is that they’re singing? Written in Japanese that is : )

It’s blocked for me, but aren’t there loads of anime song lyrics sites?

EDIT: Ah, I guess you said you already looked.

I’m at work so I’ll take a closer look later, but I found a Japanese site with the lyrics to it:

Does this help?

That doesn’t seem to have the backing vocals.

I did find a version that would play here in Japan, and I played it for my girlfriend. Obviously the もう泣かないで and 人がいる parts are the same in the lead and backing vocals, but the part in between… she just gave me a blank look and said “Stenway?” “Stanley?” “Stengway!”

We don’t know what they’re saying.

I doubt it’s Japanese. It doesn’t sound like Japanese to me.


Thanks, but not really : p I’ve checked dozens of these sites already, but just like this one, they’re missing the backing vocal part from the chorus

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Okay! So I guess if I try to sing this, I should just do some phonetically similar nonsense there :sweat_smile:

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Thanks a lot for checking! :blush::pray:t2:

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Ok, I searched through a few pages of Google search results, and they all have the same lyrics, without the backing vocals. If I were you, I’d look for a 歌ってみた version of this song on YouTube, and hope that the cover is more intelligible.

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