Japanese song lyrics website with english translation?

Hi everyone this is my first post on this forum (yeeah !)
Very happy to join this community.

I’m a new japanese-language learner.
I was wondering if there were some websites with japanese song lyrics written in kanji with furigana as well as their translation in english ?



Hello and welcome

I am a beginner too. that makes us two then

I want to know about this also. I usually watch Japanese songs in YouTube with CC on (set to Japanese). Some songs also had hard Japanese subs on them. But I want to know if there is a website of this.

I know a lot of vocaloid songs have them, due to the fandom having a wiki. Not sure about more mainstream music though, especially not with furigana

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I know a couple of websites that have kanji, romaji, and English translations, but I can’t remember finding any with furigana.

This is the only site I know of:

One thing that I do when trying to learn the meaning of lyrics is to scroll through
the YouTube comments. If the song is really popular, there’s a chance some other
fan has posted the lyrics in English in the comments.

You can also go to Japanese lyric sites like:

and cut and paste the Japanese lyrics into Google Translate. The translation will usually be awkward but it will at least give you a general idea, and the results will also be in romaji so you can learn pronunciations.

Hope that helps!


Usually you can just google the song name with 歌詞 and google will list the lyrics for you. It’s also often available on Spotify/Google Music etc. But that’s without a translation for translated lyrics you’d often need to search separately and hope that some fans translated them.

E.g. (lyrics of 神っぽいな)

This site has furigana but I absolutely hate it because it blocks text selection and copying :angry:

You can’t just change CSS to bypass it, they have JS preventing text select too, so you’d have to also disable javascript to select text.


Good music taste btw

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While you can find English translations for most semi-popular songs by just googling for them (at least vocaloid songs), a lot of these are notoriously terrible. I’ve found a lot of examples which is just glorified (sometimes not even that) google translate output. So yeah, take care not to learn from google translate decisions.


Thanks @Stillman777, Lyricstranslate seems really nice, I like the community aspect of it too.
I didn’t thought about the youtube comments, that’s actually a good idea.

Thanks for this tip !

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