NEED HELP! 1 month break turned into a year cannot recover

Dear all,

I hope you are doing all good in your journey of wanikani reaching for the level 60!

I have taken a 1 month break for wanikani that has turned into more than a year. I always have been wanting to continue but as I checked it my reviews reached 1000. I am too scared to go through and finish them all.

I also have forgotten kanjis as well.

I don’t know how I am going to recover from this.

I want to reach level 60 and I have been on wanikani for a while now.

I now currently have around 900ish Reviews and 50 Lessons.

What would be your suggestions for reaching 0/0 again and remember the old kanjis that I have forgotten.

Thank you in advance for your help.

Best Regards,

Berk Burak BIYIKLI


stop doing lessons and only do reviews. or drop down some levels…

  • stop doing lessons
  • drop down 5 levels
  • work through your reviews

See how that works out for you. If it works, you’ll be giving up 2 months of progress to fix a year’s worth of neglect. That’s not a bad deal. :wink:


Fully agree with alo here.
To be honest, having only 1K reviews after a year of doing nothing is on the low side. I’ve had 2500 in the past at some point at a comparable level.


I took about a month of, and while I’m only on level 6, coming back to 400+ reviews was definitely daunting. What helped me was using the little timer thing to make my sessions only last 10 reviews. it broke it down into much smaller bites and I was finished with those 400 in like a day or two

If you don’t want to reset, a review reordering script might also help. E.g. reorder by level and always do like 100-150 reviews a day (or whatever you are comfortable with. Might do sessions of 20 cause they aren’t as scary). Repeat for a while and you are back on track in no time as well. (Reordering by level can help a bit, because the higher levels kinda build on the lower ones containing the same radicals etc, so it makes sense to do the lower levels first. Also if you forgot an item it will not get lost in the pile when it pops up again but pushed to the front)


I came back fairly recently from a similar experience. Dropping down a few levels made tackling the review pile manageable, and it made WaniKani fun again. That’s my 2 cents.
I think I was somewhere 28-30 and I dropped down to 20-21ish

I think you’ll recover just fine :3 The advice in the replies above should get you there in no time. Also try to do some leech training/extra practice on the side to freshen up your memory of some of the forgotten material.

I also got stuck on level 21 for a few months (not quite a year) - I can tell you it’s not at all that bad :3 Personally I didn’t want to drop down levels, so I just slowly worked my way through the review pile - bit by bit, just as much as I felt like doing every day. Once that was cleared, I just moved onto lessons - and started clearing that pile slowly, too. Takes a bit of extra time and patience - knowing that you won’t necessarily level up soon can be discouraging. But you can do this! :3 Just make sure to give yourself time to get back on track,

Oh, and let me not forget: don’t know if you’ve seen this, but there is the study buddy race thread here - come join us for some good vibes and a supportive atmosphere :33 We’re all aiming for level 60~

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yes, what they said.

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I would get the ultimate reorder script, and start doing reviews by level, starting with the lowest level. Once you reach a level where you feel you memory is just not good enough, reset to that level.


I’m against dropping levels, unless you know that you have forgotten absolutely every single item in that level. I recently came back from an unplanned break to 700+ reviews and have been chipping away for a month while also adding daily lessons and now am down to 163 reviews.

As everyone else has said, no new lessons since it has been so long for you.

I recommend the [Userscript] Reorder Buttons and to do items in ascending order.

I would also recommend using >> BISHBASHBOSH << to get extra practice, especially on the items you fail in your reviews. NB: only use this immediately after your reviews, otherwise you’ll interfere with the SRS.

You are going to fail a lot of items which will be coming back as Apprentice and Guru, so keep an eye on those numbers and adjust your review batch size accordingly so you don’t get overwhelmed.

Best of luck! You can do this! Great to have you back in the community :smiley:


Yeah all the advice here is good. As someone who’s fallen off the WK wagon for fairly long month chunks at higher levels, I’d recommend getting a reorder script to work through the levels backwards to see what you actually remember. Once you hit a level that you feel you genuinely don’t know most of it, reset back to that level and start from there. You probably remember more than you think. Good luck buddy.

source: me, working through a 2000+ review mountain at the moment.


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