N5 level specific compound kanji studying materials and tips?

Hi Team,
I have started studying things at n5 level and I have wenth through most of the kanjis for n5 as
INDIVIDUAL items.but when it comes to compound kanji I am struggling
I don’t have a premium wanikani account.

Where can I find a list of compound kanji SPECIFIC to n5 level.?

How do you guys prepare yourself for studying compound kanji when you were studying at n5 level ?

Also if a compound kanji has 2 kanji one in n5 and another one outside to n5 do I need to know it for the exam?

Can someone clarify?

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There are free N5 decks on Memrise which will include but not be limited to compound kanji words. There are probably hundreds of Anki decks that you can search for online that will include these words as well.

generally speaking, I think you’re only going to see compounds that are considered N5-level vocab AND only have N5-level kanji.

It’s not a huge list. You should know all your months and days, and the common things like 学校, 新聞, 電車, 毎日, etc.

You absolutely won’t be asked to give the reading for a compound that isn’t an N5 word or contains higher level kanji.

Like, 土木 is a word with very simple kanji, but it means “public works” and is an N1 word, so you can ignore it.

And in all honesty, just doing the free levels of WK should have you basically all set. You might get something you haven’t seen before, but you’ll have most of the bases covered.


It’s probably worth noting here that you’ll never find an official list of what you can expect to see in the JLPT, because they don’t release those. It’s pretty much just a matter of ask Google-sensei and see what comes up.

Hi I have already tried googling I could see the list of kanji for n4 and n5 .it’s on and kun readings.
But regarding the compound I could see all the possible compound including kanjis outside of n5 and n4 were also there . I searched anki decks too , obtaining the deck isn’t a problem ,but obtaining compound kanji list only with n5 n4 is level is challenging,hope you got what I have been looking for

I am not looking for an official list,I just wanted to prepare and clear n4 ,that’s why I am trying to look for such material.

I don’t know how reliable this is but you can use Jisho and search “JLPT N5” and the results will be all the words they classify as N5.

It will be relative to N5’s level, but there are no “official” lists for N5 kanji. @Leebo’s reply already explained everything in depth so I’d refer you to that. The free levels in WK WILL get you through the majority of N5. Honestly, you could finish out the free WK levels and then focus on grammar/listening and you’d be fine.

That is true, I was just answering the specific question “Where can I find a list of compound kanji SPECIFIC to n5 level.?” He is N4 so I think he just wanted an aggregated review list, but maybe I read it wrong. Either way, the Jisho link will be of use to someone who Googles this post by looking for some form of an N5 list.

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