N4-N1 Kanji in N5 Vocab

Okay so, I was looking at list of N5 kanji and vocab. My understanding was that for N5 vocab, only N5 kanji would be used while N4 vocab would include both N4 and N5 kanji.
But it seems like, that is not the case. Lots of N5 Vocab include kanji of higher levels. I saw some of N2 kanji too.

I know that there is no official distribution of vocab, but still why are higher level kanji part of lower level vocab. Can anybody help me understand this?

If i wanted to tackle N5 Vocab, what would you suggest, should I also learn their kanji, just learn kana version or just wait till i learn those kanji at WK?

The JLPT is a test of general language proficiency, not of kanji. At N5 you don’t know many kanji at all, but you’re still expected to have knowledge of the most common words, which may not use N5 kanji. At N1 know a lot of kanji but is expected to have knowledge of rare words, which may use N5 kanji. There is no clear correlation between the JLPT kanji and the JLPT vocab as far as I know.

You are not expected to learn the kanji version of N5 vocab if they are not N5 kanji.

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Many common words have kanji version that you aren’t expected to know early on. The word for glasses (めがね) is an N5 word, because well, clothes and accessories is a beginner’s topic. But the kanji for it (眼鏡) are not beginners kanji. So they’re not going to be taught at the same time as each other, but if you look at a list of words you may see the kanji version, depending on where you’re looking/how the list is created.

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