N2 Anki Resources

Preparing for N2 in December – does anyone have a lead on good Anki decks for N2 vocab and maybe grammar? AI haven’t used Anki before yet, so would also love any recs on which apps to use and guidance on that.

Good luck to everyone getting ready!

This is a deck I found for 総まとめ N2 Grammar,

and this is for 新完全 master N2 grammar book

When I uploaded big grammar decks I suspend everything, then as I learned the grammar points I toggle the suspend tag and started to review them.

You should be able to find similar vocab ones by googling.

Personally I don’t like to take other people’s vocab lists and use them in Anki - I prefer to make my own one word at a time. If I already know a word, or find it easy to remember I don’t want to waste time moving it through Anki’s SRS.


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