Best anki deck for vocab and grammar

I would like to know which deck do you guys think it is best since i am lvl 34 on wanikani.
There are many and i don’t know which one is more optimized and useful?

I mean i m on N2 総まとめ vocab and grammar with Tobira and 新完全マスター as a review book. I do use bunpro for grammar(just don’t know if it is enough) and i also use frequently Tori’s 10k vocab book. I just don’t want to skip important common words cause i don’t know if 10k cover all of it.

I’m using this for vocabulary:
It includes words form N5 to N1and beyond.

For Vocab: Core 10k by hinekidori. This has audio, three modes (recognition, recall, audio comprehension)… it’s madness how much work has been put into this. There’s even a version sorted by kanji by WK level.

I hear this is expanded and neatly integrated into kitsun, though that’s a paid service now (jprspeira argues it’s worth it). I’ll have to mention it’s integrated into Torii too then, which is also an Anki clone, and more or less free. You can sort by hiragana only, exclude WK vocab, etc.

For Anki grammar decks, i have no clue. I use Bunpro (also paid).