Best Anki decks for beginners

Hi guys!

What are the recommended anki decks for beginners?

The “core” decks are pretty good

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I personally found the core decks quite difficult to study with as a beginner, it’s the sentences/phrases that give me the problems. It takes quite a bit of time/effort to even memorize one sentence/phrase. I’ve moved on to another resource which prioritizes on grammar in the meantime and I’ve improved much more in a shorter time than my attempts with Anki. It could just be the method in which I was trying to study with, but I’ve moved past that now, I may eventually come back to it at a later date though.

and that resource would be?

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I don’t really think you should be using an Anki deck by itself for Grammar. You should be picking something like Genki, and then if you want to go along from there with a Genki Vocabulary based Anki deck you’ll be much better off.

Like Syphus said, I use Genki but I’ve also been following this youtube series which really helps. The speaker explains things in such a clear and understandable manner that I’ve found is rare in other Japanese tutorial videos on youtube. My only complaint so far is that in the earlier videos the sound is low and the mic quality isn’t as good, but it does improve later on.

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You shouldn’t learn the sentences by heart but try to understand the grammar and each word >___< !

Define beginner. Are you completely new, or have you worked through Genki I, or…?

For starters, I recommend downloading about 5 or 6 anki decks that look interesting to you, and then creating your own deck. The reason for downloading the 5 or 6 anki decks is that you can then use their card templates in your own deck. What you’re really doing is just choosing a template that you like and has the features you want. If you’re going to be studying Japanese seriously, you’ll want a personal, homemade Anki deck that you update with words/phrases you find interesting. You can delete the other decks after this. :slight_smile:

Of course, in addition to this personal deck, you can also use premade decks, but to recommend any of these, we’ll need a better understanding of your level.

Grammar wise I’m a complete beginner - and i now 95% of the n5 kanji, thats the current situation

Ok I probably worded that incorrectly. That’s what I was trying to do, learn and memorize the words but I just couldn’t get into it, it was like having to learn maybe 3 (more or less) words/grammar points each time. Example sentences on how a word can be used is fine, WaniKani is great with that. I’d just rather only learn one thing per card rather than stuffing various things into one.