Any good Anki decks for grammar and reading?

Do any of you guys know of Anki decks that cover the “Dark Side” of Japanese that WaniKani doesn’t cover? Grammar and reading decks (such as sentences) are important, but is there anything along with that which I wouldn’t be able to think up of that is still important? Thanks!

I tried to learn grammar in textbook by using textbook, and tried to create Anki deck…

Then I found There are pre-made decks for vocab in the textbook, but not for grammar. There is grammar decks for grammar points for N5/4/3/2/1 and Basic/Intermediate/Advance; however, I don’t find that effective for me.

In another section of renshuu, I found another more effective way… write your own sentence for a grammar point…

So I started creating a sentence for a grammar point on chapter-by-chapter sequence (in みんなの日本語).

tl;dr I recommend against Anki decks. Practice writing/speaking is better.
For starting to read, I recommend For more and more reading, I recommend Japanese Graded Reader (or anything you enjoy and should be in your level).

What section of Renshuu can you write your own sentences and can you SRS them? Been using renshuu for months for vocab but god the interface is so confusing.

Grammar Library - you can create your own sentence

Study Library - Grammar tab - you can SRS your grammar.

Ok got all that, thanks! But is there a way for only your own sentences to appear in SRS reviews, not the example sentences that just seem to throw up sentences with random vocab that aren’t even in my study schedules.

If anyone has a good source on those pesky katakana words and anything resembling I would love to steal those.

I just signed up today, and I also find the interface confusing. I picked a couple of vocabulary lists and grammar lists and tried to set up schedules for quizzes, but I’m not sure whether I did it right or not. I guess I can just wait until tomorrow and then see if it says I have any quizzes due?

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on you can search with the tags #words #on-mim, comes up with over 900 words. #words #on-mim - and of course this…very intensely long list from tofugu article lol… Japanese Onomatopoeia: The Guide (is こういちさん still updating that sucker as he mentioned at end, I wonder?).

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There is indeed a course on Memrise, but in the end, I… learnt from N3 vocab deck, minus Kanji, with sentences, further words can be picked up from Core 10k breakdown - Kana section.

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