Mystery Kanji 珯

Sooooo for some reason I loaded Rotten Tomatoes on my phone to look up some movies and their ratings and it somehow had some random Japanese characters that weren’t there before.

When I refreshed the page they were gone but I got a screenshot that has the kanji I was hoping to learn more about: 珯.

I asked in this Japanese Discord server but they didn’t seem to know much about it. It took the place of where star symbols would normally go. The second screenshot shows the website with the kanji.


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Without looking it up, I’m fairly certain it’s a chinese language kanji, and not a japanese kanji.


I looked it up in The New Nelson Japanese English character dictionary - couldn’t find it. I agree.

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That was my first thought as well, but I have been searching for a while for fun. No luck yet…
After a while of searching, I am pretty sure it must not be Japanese or else…I am bad at searching.


I keep finding it on different websites, but no definition. Just a pronunciation of “lǎo”. I assume it’s part of a compound word that has no meaning on its own.

This sounds like it was Mojibake .

Given the posts, my guess is that it is a Chu nom character. There were tons of locally invented Vietnamese characters that aren’t used elsewhere (Like Kokuji) they are encoded into Unicode but often have no information on online dictionaries.

If this is still a question on Tuesday, I can look in 新字源.


At least the character is not in the top 10000 list of Chinese usage I found.

Ohhh okay. Thanks for the replies everyone. Sorry, I just assumed it was a Japanese character because I’ve been using my phone almost exclusively for studying Japanese for a while now other than texting and calling, haha. I thought maybe searching the difference between kanji in Google and whatnot might’ve caused something to change to where I started seeing Japanese on other websites.

Like when I was learning Spanish I started seeing ads in Spanish on apps due to Google analytics I presume. On StumbleUpon I started getting Spanish websites. Anyway, sorry for the confusion!

@Syphus Very interesting!

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