Mystery Kanji

I can’t get this character to compose via radicals or skip.
Drawing strokes isn’t giving me any luck either.

Is it straight up Chinese?

Looks like it’s Chinese.
I wasn’t able to draw it with Google Translate set to Japanese, but it worked when set to Chinese.

And it showed up in Jisho, but doesn’t seem to appear in any words.

Yeah I just tried that as well :smiley:
柜子 → Cabinet etc.

Oh great, just realised in the photo that there’s Hangul too.
So it’s Korean - Japanese - Chinese - and I mistook the Chinese for a compound word having not seen the Korean beforehand.

柜 in Simplified Chinese actually stands for two different characters in Traditional Chinese: 柜 itself, and 櫃. Both are uncommon in Japanese, but the latter at least has (albeit usually kana) results on jisho.

Thanks for the fact bombs!

The most common (in Japanese use) related kanji I could find was 棺 - though that has a funereal connotation, and I wouldn’t say they’re exactly interchangeable. But good to know.Mystery Kanji - #4 by Subversity

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