My man Paul posted this interesting video

For beginners tho (contains general overview of history and basics of the language):

Well, nothing new under the sun for anyone who knows even the most basic of basic grammar, but I still really enjoy all the videos made by Langfocus. Always really informative. Check out his videos on any other languages that might interest you!


Hold on, haven’t you been missing for like half a decade?


Very interesting! I love his videos :smiley:

Liked the video. Very interesting.
But it’s not an misplaced kanji here?

It is, he addressed it in the description though or in a comment.

Yeah, I noticed a few mistakes. I guess that’s always possible when the video is that long.

Where I live, there is no time. I exist outside it, silly hooman!


Wait… is this true?

Both are true. こんにちは is the correct spelling, and こんにちわ is a cute slangy spelling.

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I see, thanks for answering :smiley:

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