My Level 60 thoughts

Congratulations !!! :partying_face::balloon::fireworks:

This is the one i use at least :eyes:

EDIT: When using this u need to have some self control tho so that you only override answers that really were a mistype and nothing else. Which probably isnt a problem for you but was for me xD

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hey! the aussie flag! ;)))

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yeah i get so tempted to just rewrite them and if im being honest ive corrected things that definitely shouldve been marked wrong, oops

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LMAO. I feel you on this one. If it weren’t for that script I would have given up WaniKani a long time ago. The funny thing is I discovered it when I was like level 20 I think so the beginning was really frustrating.

That’s how it’s used. Not to cheat the system but to fix the wrong typo. I highly recommend you spend some time looking for some scripts on the forum. They will make the whole WaniKani experience so different.

I think it’s really sad that WaniKani doesn’t even implement an “ignore” button for misspelling things like it gives a really bad experience for new users.


Little bits of the English board I was about to put up in my school! :wink: I’m doing a travel theme for my boards this year

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Yeah that works in general but if you get things wrong in the same way multiple times the same effect happens. I think just having that feeling is something to strive for, I try to do most of my reviews at least later in the level with just what comes to mind first to achieve that sense, but that can still fail you and it’s good to have a rule to fall back on.

Hey Noursaidana, if you add a synonym can you use it as a “correct” answer for reviews?

Congrats on level 60, that’s a great achievement in your japanese learning journey!
Not only do you know a bunch of kanji, but as you wrote, you also have built up confidence for future journeys!

Yes! That’s the whole point of adding synonyms. If WaniKani asks for “fire” and you add “sun”(just a random word) as a synonym then both “fire” and “sun” will be correct.

I really wish I used this earlier…


Yeah, I can’t recommend using synonyms enough. That being said, be sure to check the example sentences to make sure your synonym actually makes sense. Sometimes, there’s a difference.

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congratulations! everyone else has said what needed to be said before me.

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Congratulations! Well deserved end of a long journey.

I agree with the “to copy” and “to be copied” scenario, I stuck with it for over 25 levels, but recently I just put them all under the same synonym. Sample: “to copy”, for both.

Wanikani should show their “warning, this isn’t perfect, but yeah you kinda get it” instead of the default NOPE, SO SO WRONG.


Hey Noursaidana san,
Can you please provide link to the script you have mentioned?
Seems interesting.

Here is the “ignore script” that I used:

You can find tutorials on the forum on how to install everything.

That hasn’t been maintained since forever. Better to use this one: [Userscript]: Double-Check (Version 2.x)

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Really? I never used the one you linked. I guess I was lucky :joy:

…but that’s… exactly what’s happening in the Japanese…? (that the subject is the actor versus the acted upon)

I guess it depends on what you’re trying to get out of it…? I personally still trip over some of the transitive v intransitive vocab (especially ku/keru ending ones), but I keep letting myself trip because the distinction is real and important - “to copy” and “to be copied” are different things, and can drastically change the interpretation of a sentence. (See images posted above by @mgrice) Getting things wrong by anything other than a typo is just a way to know that you still don’t quite (OR don’t at all) know something, it’s not a failure :slight_smile:


In Spanish both actions can be inferred by the same verb, “COPIAR”. Although “copiar” y “ser copiado” are also different just like in English, in real life you would understand the intention just by reading or hearing “copiar”.

Why fail then if you already know that its a COPY verb? If you saw the Vocab in a game or series you would also get it, but according to WK you are failing every time.

I agree with this. And anyway, I strongly believe that it’s best for me if I gain an intuitive understanding of concepts like these, which will come via regular reading and comprehension. I don’t want to impose English concepts on stuff that might not be appropriate for a one-to-one mapping. I never really paid attention to any of this stuff while learning English; once I read a few dozen sentences illustrating a concept, it’s hard to forget.

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