Yay, Level 16!

Finally burned my first 191. 991 enlightened. 1/4 of the way more or less.

That is all. :smiley:


Congrats! On my way to the 16th level as well :slight_smile:

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Congratulations! you’re almost dead!! You’re over half way to level 20!


If you don’t mind my asking, how long did it take you to reach this point? How fluent do you think you are with the language? Thanks for helping out a newbie c:

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Just out of interest, how many months did it take you to get from Level 1 to 16?

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Hi, I think it’s been about six months. I just started burning not too long ago. I also don’t feel terribly fluent. One of the disadvantages of WaniKani is that I’m not taking a class - I’m working on my own with iKnow.jp and “Japanese for Busy People” and Rosetta Stone. So it’s slow going, and I don’t have anyone to talk with. :frowning:

I’ve been absolutely religious about WaniKani, and it’s improved my vocabulary tremendously, but WK alone takes a good hour or two a day, so it’s hard to get time to study with the other tools as well (and I work full-time as well).

But I’m grateful to have such great tools, and so I press on. :smile:


Just passed (brieflly) my 1000th enlightened. But then I burned a few, so now at 988 enlightened and I think 206 burned. Painful is right! But growth is pain. :smiley:

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I think the tools are so much better now than when I started. Japanese for busy people is good, also worth getting a good grammar book as you soon start to the patterns. No plurals and no gender to worry about so the main issues are the verbs, the politeness, and the Kanji! Have you found any good beginner level stuff online you can listen to?

Ps what I meant to say is that listening to dialogue helps hugely with the fluency. Sometimes even Japanese TV streamed online, as you pick bits up from the context…

Is iKnow effective for you? For me, it’s difficult as the quizzes only have the vocabulary in kanji. Do you know if there is a way to modify the settings so there is furigana or just hiragana?

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