My first burnt turtles!

Going by what Wanikani is telling me there, it seems I managed to get my first batch of burned items one week right before my seventh month of learning. :partying_face: :partying_face:

I’m writing this post kind of to congratulate myself, but also, to ask for advice and tips from people that have been juggling turtles for longer than I have. First and foremost: am I going too slow?

I feel like I keep stumbling on the same kanjis over and over (damn you, 交ぜる 交じる 交わる 回す 回る 主人 住人 etc). I guess I should go over my critical condition items lits and just grind it. But, do you guys have any other advice? Tricks you have noticed to help retain kanjis in memory? Rituals?


No helpful advice from me but just congratulations on your first burns!

Edit: maybe, if you’re that sort of person, you could try handwriting the ones you have issues with.


Congrats on your burns! :smiley:

If it’s any consolation, out of that list, I still have 交わる knocking around in Enlightened. :wink:


You tell us. Depends on your goals and what you’re happy with.

From that screenshot, you’ve been doing this since December 14th '19, so 176 days or 13.5 days per level. At that rate to complete the remaining 47 levels you’re looking at getting there in early March of 2022.

So, are you content with that?


Congratulations! I think those words are on many leech lists… Eventually you’ll burn them!


There is no lower speed limit on WK. The other day someone posted he wanted to limit his speed to 200 reviews per week. Feel free to adjust your speed to whatever you see fit.


I don’t support hurting turtles, but good job! :smiley:

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Thanks all!

Probably, as a part of going through the critical condition items list, making sure they stay in memory.

Problem is, I start to hate those words whenever I see them :smile:, I hope I will manage to get them out of my way soon.

Thinking about it coldly, it’s actually a decent rate, but 2022 sounds real far away. :sweat_smile:

I just feel like I could do something to improve my speed, but you are right.

No turtles were hurt in the making of this forum post* :grin:


Well, you could try something like setting a new goal and challenging yourself with it.

Let’s say you wanted to get to 60 by end of year 2021. 572 days from now, or ~12 days per level. That’s just ~1.5 less than your current average, and would get ya there before 2022.

I use the Leech Table Script for purposes like this.

clap my hero academia


Nah, the speed you are comfortable doing without burning out is the best speed for you. If you feel you can do more, do more. If in your reviews you are overwhelmed, go slow and do less. There’s no point going fast if you are not gonna finish.
my 2 :yen: on this matter :sweat_smile:


To help memorize tricky kanji, I write out the ones that I keep messing up on or I literally “act it out” by associating it with a specific move or gesture.


Sounds… achievable? I read this thread mentioning how the time between reviews from apprentice to guru is 12 hours (4 + 8) and then 23h. Which means that doing the reviews at 9am,13pm and 21h would ensure that by the end of the next day you could have moved a new kanji to guru if no mistakes were made. I’m thinking in maybe giving that a try, together with working hard on the leech list.

Looks very useful, installed! Thanks!

Thanks! I feel the pace I have been going is comfortable for me, but I’d like to maximize my effectiveness if that makes sense? Trying to make the most of the time I invest on it, you know?

Definitely going to do that. Especially the writing, is something I have been neglecting and has been on my lowest priority when learning Japanese.

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Whenever I have two that I keep missing because they look alike, I write them next to each other and look for the differences. Once I find the ways they are different, I usually start getting them right. As far as time, go as fast or as slow as works for you.

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Agreed. Which is why I advocated for a personal approach to the problem. Try adding more lessons to your current rate and watch the effect for a week. If you are still wanting and can handle more reviews, then continuing adding more lessons each day.

There will be a reckoning at some point as to how much reviews you can handle per day so calibrate wisely. Your skill at handling reviews also increases the longer you do this to maybe that is one reason why you feel like you can do more. Only you can answer those questions.

All the best! I am rooting for your optimal effectiveness.

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Try adding more lessons to your current rate and watch the effect for a week. If you are still wanting and can handle more reviews, then continuing adding more lessons each day.

The problem with this approach is that Apprentices reviews of today become the Guru/Master/Enlightened reviews weeks and months from now. The increase of the review
workload is not so immediate that we can draw a conclusion after a week.

Based on the experience of other posters in other threads the ideal workload is in the range of 15 to 30 lessons per day for most people. A frequent practice is to keep the Apprentice count around 100 and the Guru count around 500. Add new lessons when the numbers are lower and stop doing lessons when the numbers are higher. I don’t know how @Shisckatchegg current workload fit in this picture but I suggest he should first assess whether he is happy with these guidelines before considering to depart from them.

Just weekly blood sacrifices and convening with the kappa from my local rivers.


I don’t disagree with what you are saying, the only problem in it for me is that you will never know if you can handle it until you try. I am not against what you are advocating as I myself kept Apprentice around 100 when I first started. But I felt like I can handle more as WK became a daily thing for me. I keep Apprentice around 150 now in case you are wondering.

This is also a reason why I did not indicate how much Shiskatchegg should increase their lessons by. Part of that is because I want Shiskatchegg to determine this by themselves. We all run on different motors and I am a huge advocate of tailoring the WK experience individually. I am also a believer that as one uses WK, they get better at handling more. My hope was that the small increments Shiskatchegg possibly would have adopted would result in an increased capacity down the road by the time they reached the higher SRS levels for the items.

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This is interesting. Up until now, my process regarding lessons was to do them all as they come. However, there were some points where I started feeling overwhelmed at the mount of reviews and at those points, I would delay going through the lessons for a couple of days. Not much of an actual mathematical approach to it, just what it felt right.

ideal workload is in the range of 15 to 30 lessons per day for most people. A frequent practice is to keep the Apprentice count around 100 and the Guru count around 500

Not sure what you guys mean about the daily lessons. I mean, I have days, particularly when just gotten to a new level, when I get a whole batch of lessons, but 95% of the days are just reviews. Might be the way I was approaching this? Literally doing all my lessons as they come.

As you can see from the picture in the original post, I happen to be close to that magical number of 100~ apprentice vs 500 guru, without really spacing the lessons out but for a handful of times I felt overwhelmed.