Finally burned something!

Finally. It was delayed by a few days due to going on vacation mode while I was sick and could not brain for a few days last week. Should have been over the weekend. But I finally got my first burns. Just the radicals of course, which I don’t particularly care about, but still, feels good to have something in that elusive upper category. :slight_smile:


Congratulations!! Feels pretty good, eh? :sunglasses:


Congrats! :partying_face:


Now go burn those other turtles as well :turtle: :fire:


Congratulations! Wow, to get your first burns at level 19, you must be going crazy fast!
がんばって! :smile:


Congrats!!! I’m still 30 days away from my first burns. EAGERLY AWAITING!


Brains = burns ! Congrats!


Well done! I’ve hit a bit of a sweet spot lately where get a few each day and it’s an amazing feeling that you’re actually making progress!


high five
Congratulations and well done @sporadic! You are even going to overtake me in levels soon! :open_mouth:

Way to go! All the best on your WK journey, speed racer :wink:


Will feel even better when I start burning kanji in a few days, but yeah, it’s good to finally get there.

Not really…? Or at least, not anymore. I had a hidden ace in the hole for the early levels. I did RTK years and years ago and had a small cache of Japanese vocabulary as well. Most of it has been forgotten, but the simple kanji/vocab of the early levels were very easy to re-acquire. I did the 7-8 day thing for the first 12 or so levels until the review workload got to be too much. I’m doing around 12-14 per level now, which seems much more reasonable.

As mentioned above, my earlier levels were much faster than current ones. I’ve settled into a rhythm though, so I hope to maintain this pace for awhile. Depends on how many Enlightened I start getting wrong and what that does to the review queue over time, probably.


Congrats and I was happy with my first Master…

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A first Master is an accomplishment worth celebrating, too! Just wait til you see it hit Enlightened :wink:



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Good job, I know that feel. Also it seems you’re moving quite fast. I had my first burn at LV10. Don’t get burned out, mate.

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just burned one also. level 16. rate seems fine for me now.

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It really takes that long to burn something?! Wow!!! Congrats!!! I hope I can get as far as you too!


It’s around 6 months for first burns. The exact time will vary depending on how rigorously you schedule your reviews. Levels completed don’t matter for burns, just time. I managed to keep a decent pace early on, so got fairly far before burning. But I’m going slower now, so I’m not going to finish anywhere near that quickly.


Me too! Six months, level 14 for me. Maybe that’s useful information for others wondering how this burning thing works.

Yay us!

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