Merry Christmas to Me - My first burn

Ok, this is another lame post on someone getting their first burn. That someone is me. lol. But why not post a good moment? I wasn’t going to post, but then I thought maybe there is someone who has been waiting for their first burn and needs some encouragement. So, here it is.

I final got my first burn on Christmas day. I thought that was funny like it was a Christmas gift just for me from the crabigator. Lol. I had been working on WK since June but I had to slow down to balance my study time for the JLPT prep in early December. I just hit level 8 today, exactly 1 month from my first burn, and I was surprised that I already have 122 burns. It felt like it was never going to happen then suddenly the crabigator opened the flood gates of turtles and lets you run around with your flaming RKV (radical, kanji, vocabulary) sword and burning turtles left and right. Well, maybe that is a bit exaggerated. But I am surprise and happy to finally see some progress. Also, it feels good to know that there are 122 less items to review. My lesson was to simply be consistent and don’t let reviews build up. Happy burning all!


These are never lame posts. CELEBRATE!!!

Getting to that first burn can feel like a climb, but man once you get there, they just roll in, like you said x3 I remember feeling the same. Congrats on the burns so far!

Cheers to many more :wink:


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