Stop burning turtles?

I’m level 11 and have been burning turtles since a few levels ago, I was happy when I burned my first turtle but sometimes I feel like I’m just doing good guesses instead of knowing the radical, kanji, vocab.

I know I can resurrect individual turtles but is there anyway or setting to keep/cap everything at enlightened? I would like that and once I get good enough with the kanji it shouldn’t take me long going through them.


Why not just fail it if you don’t think you know it as well as you want? Then you can just test yourself again when it comes back.

I dunno man, I’d rather strain my brain for a good guess and re-enforce that into my memory. But if I’m already at enlightened and do a good guess, then it’s burned… I can and do resurrect it but I wouldn’t mind this being the default incase I forget a kanji/vocab much later.

Is there a burned item review script that works nowadays? Basically you could just occasionally do burned item reviews and only resurrect ones you struggle on rather than keep everything alive.


That’d be an okay solution for me if there is one :slight_smile:

You can use [Userscript] Self-Study Quiz to review just burned items.


I think if it is one that you don’t absolutely know for sure 100%, that you should probably resurrect it and put it back in your pile until you do feel that way. I might do that to a couple of mine too…

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Looks pretty good, didn’t know wanikani had things like that, I’ll check it out tomorrow :smiley:

Why not just fail it

I just heard WKStats gasp audibly.


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