My First Burn @ Feb 17, 2018


Yoosshhh. I finally got my first burn in Wanikani. It may sound a small victory, but hey, it took me a lot of effort to squeeze time just to study kanji. I have 8-5 job, practice classical guitar and then make time for my jiujitsu class. I’ll keep pounding the rock and enjoy the journey in learning Japanese. :wink:


That’s awesome, great job!


I highly doubt anyone will say this is a small feat.

The fact you managed to get anything burned in the first place speaks not only to your dedication but your persistence! Congratulations! Keep up the stellar work! :crabigator:


I wont be able to dream about that for another 6 month


Congrats! Good job!
That’s the key, just keep working away consistently the best you can.


@Jnk1296 - Thank you for the encouraging words!


@ImJoee Thanks for the encouraging words buddy!



Who’d have thought burning things was addictive? …wait a sec


It was at this moment @Chop realized… he’d actually joined a secret association of Turtle Burners known as the WaniKani Arsonist’s Cult, lead by their fearless and devilishly handsome mastermind of a leader, こういちさま.