Yay! Finally made my first burns!

Been making steady progress since I joined (except for a couple of months before Christmas), and I finally just got my first burn a few minutes ago! Hooray! :partying_face::balloon:

The first burn was the 丶 Drop radical. Was a nice surprise to see the ‘burned’ pop-up for the first time! :muscle::astonished:!

Just want to celebrate my little successes, to keep myself motivated. :sweat_smile:

Thanks, WaniKani, for really helping me stay focused on studying Japanese. Really appreciate this whole system of learning and support! Totally worth the membership! Cheers! :blush::sparkling_heart:


Congratulations! Same for me an a hour ago.

As soon as I saw that “big” radical I started recording my screen for my first burn. Truly feels like a big moment. Buuut we still have a little to do until we burned them all. :wink:


I’ve got just a week and a half to go!


Congrats! That’s awesome!

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Hey, a little update:

My number of Burns (at 1672) just recently surpassed my next highest category count, Enlightened (at 1404)! :turtle: :fire::brain:

Yay! :partying_face: :balloon: :tada: Cupcakes for everyone! :cupcake::cupcake::cupcake::cupcake:!

Here’s to steady progress! :beers: :yum:

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