First burned item!

Today, I was casually blazing through 260 reviews that accumulated over the past few days when out of nowhere, the 亠 radical appeared, and it was burned before I knew it! Several other radicals were burned during the review, but I just wanted to make this post to celebrate.

Also, to anyone who hasn’t burned yet, I encourage you to press forward and look forward to that day because it’s another milestone in the grand path to fluency! Thank you WaniKani because without y’all, I wouldn’t have the motivation to study kanji.

P.S. if anyone wants to get into grammar but doesn’t know where to start, use BunPro. Also, Tae Kim’s guide is pretty lit.


I’m pretty sure you have to know items before you can burn them though.

that was for you, @MissMisc.

Seriously though… おめでとうございます!Burns are exciting. Keep it up! ^^


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My first wave of burns was a mess! I mixed up half of them with their kanji counterparts.
Good luck to you on your continuing kanji adventure!

Hurray!!! Mine is suppose to come at some point in March… I can’t wait!

It’s always great to burn things!
Arsonists would agree.

I’ve already burned quite a few things. (115, to be precise.) I’ve had plenty of time to; I’ve been on level 3 for 232 days.
At first, I was a bit confused; “Don’t you burn things earlier?” I thought. But, I then realized that, normally, one burns things later in their levels. I’m just in quite a sorry state.
At least, I was, until I got to level 4. (Technically, I’m not there there yet, but once I subscribe…) Hopefully, this one won’t last 232 days.

I remember when I first burned something. It was probably also a radical. The joy really is great, no matter the thing you burn, though. Congratulations on burning your first turtle!


Yesterday was my first burn - it’s funny because when this was posted, I didn’t even know I would be paying for WK

i started to burn things last week, i’m pretty slow in the lesson but i’m glad to finally put some things out of the list :stuck_out_tongue: i just hope i will never forget these radical/kanji/word :confused:

Congratulations on using WaniKani for six months! The fact that you are on an interval of months means that you’re pretty solid.

I hope you don’t forget 一

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