My first burns

… and my first post. Everyone says that challenges are best met with a team beside you, so I thought that I should present myself to this eminent community, and take a seat at the Japanese study table.

So, who am I? Originally a Swede, but living in France since 2005, I work in both languages as well as in English, frequently mixing up the three… I’ve also studied German and Russian, sniffed at Latin and Spanish, so I thought that a non Indo-European language would be a fun challenge, especially an Asian one. Since my employer decided to send me to Japan last year, and it looks as if I’ll be going every year (hopefully), I decided I’d try Japanese. And I’m not regretting it, the grammar is so much fun!

I started looking for a way of learning Japanese in May, and tried different internet-based supports, but quickly got tired of them. In August I found Wanikani and have been using it since, almost like a game on my phone. Then I added BunPro and also got Minna no nihongo for Christmas. I’m not studying in an efficient way, but it’s a way that I will be able to stick to - WK every day, and some grammar once in a while. I’m lucky enough to have a Japanese acquaintance, who helps me with my daily Japanese sentence - when I’m actually writing one… I think my theoretical knowledge of Japanese is quickly outpacing any practical use, but I doubt I’ll ever be proficient enough to work in Japanese, so the most important for me is to have fun!

PS I missed one radical, “slide”. There has been so many “chutes” in the reading mnemonics, I mixed them up.


I wonder when I’ll get my first burn…
The e-mails said it should be around level 10, but it doesn’t seem like it.

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around 6 months after your lesson with them if you didn’t mess up. Since a level at max speed is about a week, it’s not uncommon that people get them at about level 20. Just divide 180 by your average level up time and you get your approximate first burn.

I found out I can get my exact first burn date by looking at the “next review” date for the “亅” radical. Seems like it’s in 9 days, wish me luck :slight_smile:


I was very slow for a month or so this autumn, so that would explain why I’m only level 9 :slight_smile: Good luck in 9 days!

I’m going kind of slow so I already have 100s of burned. Lol

MaruMori is a new website that teaches Japanese. I’ve just been using WaniKani for vocabulary/kanji and MaruMori for learning Japanese grammar. I kept debating for awhile on what to do for grammar and was looking at BunPro, but then someone on WaniKani mentioned MaruMori and I’ve fallen in love with it.

Keeping my eye out on the Japanese language learning games that are in development and the next volume for Crystal Hunters (a manga that teaches Japanese).


my first burns were today :slight_smile: 33 done. missed prison and barb but still very happy :slight_smile:


Same for me, congratulations to us both :slight_smile:


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