My Amazing Japanese Writing

I was revising some of the latest grammar points… And I bravely made a mini conversation to practice (this is the first time I’m trying :flushed:). Enjoy my literary masterpiece:

A: このケーキ…食べすぎました

B: え?まじ??

A: うん。今、消化不良ですよ…

B: 頑張ってください…

If there are any mistakes, please tell me :eyes:


It’s always 〜てください (or special verb/お[masu-stem]+ください in keigo), so it should have been 頑張ってください. Everything else looks fine. :smiley:


Oops, thank you!!

I’m embarrassed because I now remember ‘studying’ that ~てください grammar point just a couple of days ago… Well, clearly I hadn’t studied it properly enough >_> :joy::joy:


It helps to have sound bites in your head on top what you study, because sometimes studying alone doesn’t make things stick. In my case, I have stuff like

  • Shield Hero anime episode 5, Raphtalia going,「ナオフミさま!頑張ってください!」
  • Carlos Ghosn talking about how Japanese people in general were treating him in public during his trial:「ゴーンさん、頑張ってください。」

Try to find examples of the structures you’re studying in material that you like. It’s easier to remember them that way.


Fret not, slow and steady win the race. :wink:

I hate being in a rush to learn something, yet that constantly seems to be the reality with which I am faced. :sweat_smile:

Seriously though, grammar’s the fun part! Don’t be embarrassed, try it, and enjoy it! :wink:


Thank you!! :heart:

I am quite enjoying it, yes! It’s amazing being able to string Wanikani vocabulary into proper sentences now :sob:


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