Moving on to new lessons

Hey guys I was curios about when it gives your more than 26 radicals and how long it takes to get to guru

Once you get a radical correct 4 times (with no mistakes) it goes to guru. That will unlock associated kanji. Do the same with kanji and it unlocked associated vocab.

For levels 1 and 2, it takes a little more than 3 days to reach the vocab.

This is explained in the FAQ and Guide.

Every level you get new radicals, and you need to guru 90% of the current kanji to level up. Usually you directly unlock about half of the new level’s kanji because they are constructed from radicals from the previous level, after guruing the radicals you get the rest of the kanji to progress to the next level again. In the later stages the radicals will become less and you can unlock more kanji directly from the start of a level.

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