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Hello, everyone. I am sure most of the users have asked the same question, but, however, I wonder how much time it takes to open kanji section, and leveling up? Cause it has been 2 days I guess, but from the initial lesson, I mastered available radicals since I was familiar with them. I just wonder how much time it takes to get to next stage? Thanks in advance))) So sorry for the same questions((((

You need to “guru” the radicals in order to unlock the kanji lessons, and you do this by getting them correct 4 times in a row – so if you make any errors or get any wrong, the SRS drops down an SRS level (the SRS review times are 4hr → 8hr → 23hr → 2 days)

Is there any progress on your radical progress bar on your homepage? It should tell you what percentage of radicals you have guru’d so far, if you have

It looks like this bar:

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You need 7 or 8 days to level up if you do your reviews timely and without mistakes. You should open the kanji section soon.

Level 1 is the slowest one. Then you have older reviews, and new radicals are studied together with words from the previous level, so it gets busier. :slight_smile:

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Actually, in levels 1 and 2, the review times are faster than normal. I think it’s cut in half? but I’m not too sure. (That’d be 2 hrs, 4 hrs, 12 hrs, 23 hrs?) I’d recommend the FAQ and/or Guide, but it only has the intervals for levels 3 and up, and even that info is slightly wrong.

as @MissMisc says, you do need to get the radicals into “guru” status to unlock kanji, and you need to have 90% of your kanji (when it finally unlocks) into guru status to unlock the next level.


Yeah I remember seeing somewhere that the first two levels are accelerated, but I’m unsure of what the actual SRS review times are :thinking:

Quick, reset to level 1 and find out for us! :durtle_the_explorer:


Haha, well I’m not going to do that, but I did create a new account, and the first review session is after two hours.


Watch the counter on your dashboard to see when your next review is. You will need to review the radicals 3-4 times to get them to Guru status. Guru radicals unlock Kanji, guru Kanji unlock vocab, and a level up (90% of Kanji at guru level) will unlock all three.


Here’s the SRS intervals as represented in the Guide. The 24 hour interval is actually a 23 hour interval, and the 3 day interval is actually…1 day and 23 hours. (The intervals were changed, but the Guide wasn’t updated). Also, as I mentioned, level 1 and 2 has at least the first 4 intervals cut in half.


Actually, there is no progress on that Progression line. :confused:

That just means you haven’t guru’d any of the radicals yet, which is fine, it’s only been 2 days after all!

It should also tell you on your homepage when your next reviews will be, so just keep doing your reviews and when you get an item correct 4 times in a row, you’ll guru it and you’ll see the progress on that bar start going up :slightly_smiling_face:

It might feel slow at first, but trust me, as you start leveling you’ll start getting more and more items in your review queues and you’ll be kept busy ^^

You can check out the FAQ and Guide too if you haven’t yet to get more thorough explanations on what to expect from your time here :crabigator::sparkles:


We’re going to get you to 2,000 kanji.

But, it’s not going to happen overnight.

The first step is to do your lessons. These lessons will just be “radicals,” which are like the building blocks of kanji. You’re going to use these to create mnemonics that will allow you to learn a kanji’s meaning and reading(s) much more quickly (in the medium-to-long run).

Once you’ve done your Lessons, these items will be transferred to your Reviews pile. Here is where we make you wait, on purpose. I wanted to tell you this because the most common email we get goes something like: “Hey, why are you making me wait? I quit.”

The waiting is SO important, though. WaniKani’s reviews are a type of spaced repetition system (SRS). The idea is that you make the largest improvement in memory if you recall something right as you’re about to forget it. An SRS helps you to automate that. It makes your reviews as efficient as possible. When you don’t know an item well, the wait between reviews is much shorter. When you do know an item well, the wait times will get longer and longer. The better you know something, the longer you have to wait before the next review.

Because you’re just starting out, WaniKani has to assume that you don’t know anything. Because there are so few items initially, it will feel slow at first. But, as long as you do your reviews when they are available, you’ll be unlocking kanji within a couple of days. Then a couple days after that you’ll unlock vocabulary and hit Level 2 (the first couple levels are a little accelerated). If you can be patient and make it through Level 3 (the last free level), you’ll have a pretty good idea of what you can expect. You’ll also have learned approximately a year’s worth of classroom Japanese kanji learning, all in less than a month. And, we’ll send you an email offering to send you stickers, because, that’s a pretty cool achievement.

While you wait for your next available reviews, I highly recommend that you check out the WaniKani Guide. It goes into a lot of detail about why things are so different here. The WaniKani forums are also an unexpectedly fun place to hang out.

So, let’s work hard!


Ok, so far, the first intervals during level 1 are 2 hours, 4 hours, 8 hours, 23 hours, 7 days. If i remember, I’ll come back and update this with the rest of the intervals…

EDIT: After 7 days is 14 days…


I feel like these kind of questions from newbies would become fewer if the Ultimate Timeline add-on were to be added to WK proper (meaning you don’t have to install it, because it’s part of the WK application). Just a notice of “next review in 4 hours” is too abstract, especially if you are not familiar with the SRS method/haven’t read the FAQ yet. With the Ultimate Timeline, you could see when and how often reviews are coming.

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Actually, WK now gives a pretty good tour when you first start, which also explains SRS and the different SRS levels.
I’ve sloppily pasted it all together:

Not saying the timeline isn’t useful, because it is, and probably because a lot of users don’t read the tour anyway…
Also, I kind of wish there was a way to re-do the tour…
EDIT: I only thought about this after I posted this, but @plantron since you are Level 1 again, is the tour available for you to view?


Nope, I think the tour is for people who just logged into WK for the first time. Which brings us to…

100% agree


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